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MEPIS Linux 7.0 Beta 2 has been released:

The kernel in Beta2 is version which is a security update from the Kernel Development Team. All of the MEPIS Assistants and the Installer were updated to fix minor problems reported by testers. Amarok was updated to version 1.4.7. There were minor updates to some KDE 3.5.7 packages. Security updates to a few Debian Etch packages brought the MEPIS Debian Etch core in sync with Debian GNU/Linux 4.0r1, the Debian Etch update which was released last week.

The open source rtl8187 wireless driver was added to the kernel. For ndiswrapper, the Broadcom wireless drivers were updated and rtl8180 and rtl8185 drivers were added. Knetworkmanager was updated which resulted in more reliable automatic network startup for some users.

When asked about the release schedule, Warren said "At this point 7.0 is on schedule. I'll be speaking at the Ohio LinuxFest in Columbus on September 29th about the process used to create a MEPIS release, with an emphasis on the decisions and tradeoffs that have to be made when recompiling and integrating from upstream sources. I'd like to have 7.0 final at that time."

You can get the Beta2 ISO images in the 'testing' subdirectory at the MEPIS Subscriber's Site and at the MEPIS public mirrors. For immediate access to new releases, and to support the ongoing development of MEPIS, why not go to the MEPIS store and become a MEPIS subscriber?