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Lutris 0.5.14 has been released. Lutris is a video game preservation platform aiming to keep your video game collection up and running for the years to come.

lutris v0.5.14

  • Add Steam account switcher to handle multiple Steam accounts
    on the same device.
  • Add user defined tags / categories
  • Group every API calls for runtime updates in a single one
  • Download appropriate DXVK and VKD3D versions based on
    the available GPU PCI IDs
  • EA App integration. Your Origin games and saves can be manually imported
    from your Origin prefix.
  • Add integration with ScummVM local library
  • Download Wine-GE updates when Lutris starts
  • Group GOG and Amazon download in a single progress bar
  • Fix blank login window on online services such as GOG or EGS
  • Add a sort name field
  • Yuzu and xemu now use an AppImage
  • Experimental support for Flatpak provided runners
  • Header-bar search for configuration options
  • Support for Gamescope 3.12
  • Missing games show an additional badge
  • Add missing dependency on python3-gi-cairo for Debian packages

Many thanks to everyone involved in making this release happen!!

Release v0.5.14 · lutris/lutris