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A new maintenance version of the digital audio workstation Ardour has been released.

Ardour 8.1 is released

Hot on the heels of 8.0, we are happy to bring you a mostly-hotfixes 8.1 release. There’s a couple of tasty new features also. The full notes for 8.0 and 8.1 are in the  usual place , with the new stuff & fixes for 8.1 also listed below.

Download  as usual. 

  • MIDI port names for the Novation Launchpad Pro fixed, and believed to work on all platforms, and with all versions of ALSA on Linux. Earlier versions would fail to connect to the device in most cases.
  • Varispeed dialog now allows control in percentage units in addition to semitones & cents. The shuttle control also now remains in sync with the actual transport speed.
  • Fix an issue where multichannel tracks would play in mono (#9483).
  • Prevent time domain (music/audio) confusion when trimming audio & MIDI regions.
  • When drawing freehand velocity curves, if any MIDI notes are selected, only those notes will be modified. This is extremely useful for editing drum tracks. 
  • Fix selection logic when middle-clicking on notes in a MIDI track header keyboard. Middle click selects just that note-number. Ctrl/Cmd-middle-click now toggles the selection status of that note number. Shift-middle-click extends the selected note numbers.
  • Fix duplicate close-session dialog on macOS.
  • Fix a missing label in the insert time dialog.
  • Fix a deadlock ("program freeze") when adjusting a region fade.
  • Allow for bounces with specific source (file) and region names.
  • Include track name when consolidating ranges.
  • Fix potential for duplicated MIDI events with certain signal routing.
  • Prevent crash with certain oddly-behaved VST3 plugins' response to being asked "do you have an editor?"
  • Add MIDNAM file for Moog Subsequent 37.
  • Remove some cruft from build system scripts.
  • Build system tweak to accomodate newer versions of kissfft.

Ardour 8.1 is released