Linux 2841 Published by 1.4 has been released

Here is a list of major changes from last release:
- First of all, release number has been changed back to 1.x to respect other distro cycle.
- Mozilla 1.4 RPM packages have been re-compiled to make sure they are fully compatible with existing Plugins
- As a new plugin family, QuickTime Movies can now be played in Mozilla with help with MPlayer.
- Evolution 1.4.3 RPM packages are included but are they installed during Post Install to avoid dependency conflict
- 1.1RC RPM package comes with custom design Gnome Office Menu icons for easy launching.
- Scribus 1.0 RPM package which is a desktop publishing software are included first time in this release.
- USBMount script has been added in Gnome panel to mount USB Key/Thumb/Floppy Drive with one single click.
- There are also some changes in default Gnome panel to improve multimedia capability.