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JournalXtra posted a very early review of Kubuntu 11.10

I downloaded the 32bit iso from Ubuntu, created a virtual machine in VirtualBox, loaded the iso and booted the machine.

Within a couple of seconds I was looking at a boot menu asking me to Load Kubuntu. And that’s where fun began. KWin crashed not just once but every time I started the virtual machine to load Oneiric.

The current version of 11.10 is an Alpha release so I wasn’t surprised to hit an error so soon in the trial. The error was severe enough that it prevented a desktop environment from loading without me dropping to a shell; and that took a bit of cunning because it couldn’t be done with key presses from within the virtual machine. Usually one would drop to a shell by pressing Ctrl+Alt and a function key such as F1 or F2 but in this case it only affected my host system.
  Kubuntu 11.10: A Very Early Review