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A new version of the popular open source video editor Kdenlive is available. Kdenlive 24.05.2 is the second maintenance release in the 24.05 series, and it fixes bugs such as incorrect document save, audio track addition, rendering with aspect ratio change, compilation issues, timeline duration issues, Windows build without DBUS, and spacer tool crashes.

Kdenlive 24.05.2 released

The second maintenance release of the 24.05 series is out,

Full changelog

  • Fix guides categories not correctly saved in document.  Commit. Fixes bug  #489079.
  • Fix adding record track adds a normal audio track.  Commit. Fixes bug  #489080.
  • Fix rendering with aspect ratio change always renders with proxies.  Commit.
  • Fix compilation on Windows with KF 6.3.0.  Commit.
  • Fix timeline duration not correctly updated, resulting in audio/video freeze in timeline after 5 min.  Commit.
  • Fix Windows build without DBUS.  Commit.
  • Fix crash on spacer tool with subtitles.  Commit.

Kdenlive 24.05.2 released - Kdenlive