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The Kdenlive 24.05.1 maintenance version fixes difficulties with the spacer tool, effects and compositions, subtitle management, project settings, undo/redo track insertion, and multiple track insertion. It also enhances AppImage packaging and adds notarization support for macOS. The entire changelog contains fixes for renaming sequences, deleting incorrect effects, single selected clips disappearing from timelines, guaranteeing right kdenlive_render path for AppImage, freezes and crashes on undo/redo track insertion, and properly activating effects when added to timeline clips. The update also addresses problems and freezes, improves AppImage packaging, and adds notarization support for macOS.

Kdenlive 24.05.1 released

The first maintenance release of the 24.05 series is out fixing issues in the spacer tool, effects and compositions, subtitle management and project settings to name a few. We addressed recently introduced crashes and freezes, including fixing the undo/redo track insertion and multiple track insertion issues. This version also improves AppImage packaging and enables notarization for macOS. 

Full changelog

  • Don’t try renaming sequence on double click in empty area of timeline tab bar.  Commit.
  • Fix deletion of wrong effect wihh multiple instances of an effect and group effects enabled.  Commit.
  • Fix single selected clip disappearing from timeline when dragging a new clip in timeline.  Commit.
  • [cmd rendering] Ensure proper kdenlive_render path for AppImage.  Commit.
  • Fix freeze/crash on undo/redo track insertion.  Commit.
  • Fix crash on undo/redo multiple track insertion.  Commit.
  • Project settings: don’t list embedded title clips as empty files in the project files tab.  Commit.
  • Fix undo move effect up/down. On effect move, also move the active index, increase margins between effects.  Commit.
  • Fix removing a composition from favorites.  Commit.
  • Properly activate effect when added to a timeline clip.  Commit.
  • Fix spacer tool can move backwards and overlap existing clips.  Commit.
  • Fix crash deleting subtitle when the file url was selected.  Commit. Fixes bug  #487872.
  • Fix build when using openGLES.  Commit. Fixes bug  #483425.
  • Fix possible crash on project opening.  Commit.
  • Fix extra dash added to custom clip job output.  Commit. See bug  #487115.
  • Fix usage of QUrl for LUT lists.  Commit. See bug  #487375.
  • Fix default keyframe type referencing the old deprecated smooth type.  Commit.
  • Be more clever splitting custom ffmpeg commands around quotes.  Commit. See bug  #487115.
  • Fix effect name focus in save effect.  Commit. See bug  #486310.
  • Fix tests.  Commit.
  • Fix selection when cutting an unselected clip under mouse.  Commit.
  • Fix loading timeline clip with disabled stack should be disabled.  Commit.
  • Fix crash trying to save effect with slash in name.  Commit. Fixes bug  #487224.
  • Remove quotes in custom clip jobe, fix progress display.  Commit. See bug  #487115.
  • Fix setting sequence thumbnail from clip monitor.  Commit.
  • Fix locked track items don’t have red background on project open.  Commit.
  • Fix spacer tool doing fake moves with clips in locked tracks.  Commit.
  • Hide timeline clip status tooltip when mouse leaves.  Commit

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