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Kdenlive 23.04.0 has been released.

Kdenlive 23.04.0 released

We are excited to announce the availability of the latest Kdenlive 23.04.0 version. This is a very special milestone for us as this marks the first release since the start of our successful fundraising. Kdenlive is an open source project, and as such we try to be as transparent as possible on how the development is going and where the money from the campaign is going. A detailed transparency report will be published in the next days.

The big highlight in today’s release is the support for nested timelines. This allows you to open several timeline tabs to work on different sequences of your project. These sequences can then be assembled to create a final project. Another addition is the support of the Whisper speech to text engine, in addition of the already supported VOSK back-end. This brings an improved accuracy, support for many languages, and the possibility to translate to english on the fly. And we also finally fixed a longstanding issue that caused the Kdenlive UI to show texts in english instead of the requested language.

A lot of polishing and bug fixing work has been done in this release, some highlights include: improved handling of imported clips with huge sizes, snappier playback of clips in timeline, added option to render in full color range, added warning when cached data exceeds 1GB, improved filtering of the Project Bin to mention a few. Some great work was also done by the MLT team on our video back-end, meaning that the audio cracks that could happen on some projects should be fixed in the latest MLT development version used in our binary packages (AppImage, Mac and Windows).

Many exciting changes are also on our roadmap for this year! For the next release, we will improve the effects workflow, and for the end of the year, we should hopefully have the Qt6 version with improved GPU support.

Kdenlive 23.04.0 released - Kdenlive