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Howto Geek shows you how to tether your iPhone on your Linux PC

Apple, like most companies, doesn’t really offer Linux support, so it’s a great thing when the community can deliver much-desired functionality. By adding a repo and installing a package or two, you can get tethering working via USB or Bluetooth.

You can connect your iPhone to your laptop and share its 3G connection, allowing you to browse the internet in places without WiFi connectivity. This process is called tethering, and you may be required to pay a fee to your carrier to use your data this way. While jailbreak-only apps can enable this kind of functionality without going to your carrier, it remains debatable whether or not your carrier can tell if you are tethering or if this legal. If your mobile carrier finds out, you may be charged extra fees or be switched to a more expense “tethering allowed” data plan. You tether at your own risk; we’re not responsible for any charges you may accrue or other damages that may ensue.
  How To Tether Your iPhone to Your Linux PC