Guides 11791 Published by shows you how to customize Linux Deepin 12.12

Linux Deepin 12.12 (see Linux Deepin 12.12 review) is the latest edition of Linux Deepin, a desktop distribution based on Ubuntu Desktop. It features a brand new desktop environment called the Depth Desktop Environment (DDE), which is built atop GNOME 3 technologies. It’s a beautiful job, but the default installation can use some tweaking.

Unfortunately, some of those tweakings have to be carried out at the command-line. But they are all easy to accomplish, so don’t panic, if you are not very comfortable at the Linux command-line. In this article, the few steps you can take to make a default installation of Linux Deepin 12.12 more secure and user-friendly are presented.
  How to customize Linux Deepin 12.12