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Heroic Games Launcher has received a new hotfix release. Heroic Games Launcher is an open-source game launcher that uses the Legendary CLI tool to support games from the Epic Games Store.

Heroic-Games-Launcher v2.9.1


This is the first Hotfix for the latest Heroic release.
It addresses some critical issues like Heroic not launching games due to an incorrect --wrapper option.
It also fixes several issues with the Amazon Games integration.

What's Changed

Changelog for v2.9.0:

New Features

  • Amazon Games Support
  • GPTK support
  • DRM support for browser apps
  • ProtonDB & Steam Deck compatibility on game page
  • Playtime tracking for GOG
  • Possibility to disable log files
  • Installing older DXVK on older hardware


  • Epic Games accounts will no longer get logged out when launching Heroic sometimes
  • GOG games will now remember their install path correctly
  • GOG "Goodies" will now redirect users to their GOG account
  • Checking "Download games without HTTPS" in the advanced settings works again
  • Popover ("Help") menus in the settings now correctly open
  • "Report a problem running this game" instructions were updated
  • Linux: Using the Steam Runtime inside Flatpak now works
  • macOS: Users will no longer get error messages when launching Epic Games Store games without having CrossOver installed

Full Changelog v2.9.0...v2.9.1

Release v2.9.1 · Heroic-Games-Launcher/HeroicGamesLauncher