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Heroic Games Launcher 2.3.7 has been released. Heroic Games Launcher is an open source game launcher with support for games from the Epic Games Store using the Legendary CLI tool.

HeroicGamesLauncher 2.3.7 Fix Progress + Fuzzy Search and more

This is another small release that have a few fixes and improvements.

The first improvement is that now the Search in the library will find the title even if you write it wrong or forget any special character that the title had. Before, the title needed to be exact, otherwise Heroic would not find it.
It also fixes the missing progress when installing and updating and also shows a message on Linux in case ZSTD is not available in the system.

What's Changed

Full Changelog v2.3.6...v2.3.7

Release 2.3.7 Fix Progress + Fuzzy Search and more · Heroic-Games-Launcher/HeroicGamesLauncher