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Heroic Games Launcher 2.13 has been released. Heroic Games Launcher is an open-source game launcher that uses the Legendary CLI tool to support games from the Epic Games Store, GOG, and Amazon Games.

Heroic 2.13 "Dorry & Broggy"


The day has come for a new Heroic release and here we are, with one of the biggest in recent times.
This new release brings tons of new features and improvements for GOG games which makes it more feature-complete than ever!

We also started a partnership with GOG and now every game you buy from the GOG store inside Heroic will give us a commission, so it is another way of supporting the project. :)

GOG Changes

  • Reworked downloading module
  • Ability to install and uninstall DLCs at any point (Windows and Mac builds) *
  • Ability to change game language at any point (Windows and Mac builds) *
  • Xdelta-based patching support for Windows and Mac builds *
  • Automatic installation of game dependencies as long as they are provided by GOG (Windows builds) *
  • New implementation of install script interpreter
  • Faster way of downloading and updating Linux native games *
  • Beta channels support for Windows and Mac builds (it's now possible to access Metro Exodus: Enhanced Edition) *
  • Support for password-protected beta channels (potentially useful for game devs who want to try out GOG build in Heroic)
  • Version rollback for Windows and Mac builds *
  • Ability to view changelogs on the game page
  • REDMod integration for Cyberpunk 2077

(*) Works on Linux when installing Windows games, but not for Linux builds since it is not supported by GOG.

General Changes

  • Added a message on the library when no games were found due to filters applied or not logged in on any stores
  • Improved the Wine settings install dialog for Windows games on Linux and macOS
  • Winetricks fixes are enabled by default now
  • Added Wine/Proton explanation on Wine Manager
  • Several UI/UX and performance improvements


  • Fix the width of the image in the Add Game dialog
  • [Windows] Fix playtime tracking and auto cloud save-sync
  • Pass --skip-sdl when updating/repairing Epic games
  • Several other small fixes
  • Prevent double input when using a controller on the SteamDeck
  • Fix some cases where the install dialog got stuck fetching the install size


  • [UI] Fix width of image in Add Game dialog by  @arielj in  #3427
  • Added the second AMD APU code value to Steam Deck detection by  @m3e-g in  #3434
  • [Fix] Don't disable controller when disabling logs by  @arielj in  #3457
  • [Fix] Wait for legendary refresh to finish before storing array by  @arielj in  #3452
  • [UX] Set the auto fixes feature ON by default by  @arielj in  #3449
  • [UX] Add info about what Reset Heroic and Clear Heroic Cache do by  @arielj in  #3431
  • [UI/FIX] Fix context menu font by  @Etaash-mathamsetty in  #3409
  • [UX] Prefer using release dates from each runner by  @imLinguin in  #3446
  • [i18n] Updated Translations by  @weblate in  #3422
  • [UI] Nord Light theme fixes by  @arielj in  #3462
  • [GOG]: Refactor almost all GOG components by  @imLinguin in  #3020
  • [Cleanup] platform checks. Remove old code. by  @arielj in  #3477
  • [Refactor] Download known fixes from store folder by  @arielj in  #3475
  • [UX] Add some copy in the Wine manager explaining what are the different Wines in linux by  @arielj in  #3456
  • [Fix] Prevent last run output to leak to next run's logs by  @arielj in  #3454
  • [UX] Add support for autoinstallation of files from game folder by  @arielj in  #3448
  • [UX] Allow going back to a previous screen when no more webview history by  @arielj in  #3426
  • [Fix] Game Status type by  @CommandMC in  #3481
  • [Fix] Caching in downloadFile by  @CommandMC in  #3484
  • [Fix] Filter out -LoL build when installing wine at boot by  @arielj in  #3512
  • General repo cleanup by  @CommandMC in  #3420
  • [i18n] Updated Translations by  @weblate in  #3506
  • [Fix/UX] Disable dragging elements by  @arielj in  #3514
  • [Fix] Ensure manifest in install info by  @arielj in  #3508
  • [Fix/Refactor] Make all logs async by  @arielj in  #3507
  • [Fix] Fix calculation of appName from command parts by  @arielj in  #3522
  • [UX] Initial refresh in the background if any library is ready by  @arielj in  #3526
  • [FIX] Reload library after GOG game install by  @arielj in  #3520
  • [Fix] Only download Winetricks every 7 days by  @CommandMC in  #3527
  • [FIX] Use PowerShell to run callRunner` commands on Windows by  @CommandMC in  #3006
  • [Tech]: Update nile by  @imLinguin in  #3525
  • [Ref] Use DNS text queries to resolve PCI IDs by  @CommandMC in  #3528
  • [UX] Update order in library when an install starts by  @arielj in  #3523
  • [PROTON] use run verb for setup commands by  @imLinguin in  #3505
  • [FIX] set initial state properly for password modal by  @imLinguin in  #3482
  • [Fix/UX] Check config before calling autoupdater by  @arielj in  #3530
  • [Fix] Pass --skip-sdl when updating/repairing Epic games by  @CommandMC in  #3535
  • [Fix] ignore gamepads that are masked by steam input to prevent dublicated inputs by  @bmsuseluda in  #3470
  • [Fix] Some default settings not being applied by  @Etaash-mathamsetty in  #3543
  • Small Formatting Changes by  @bukaj0 in  #3542
  • Tech: gogdl update by  @imLinguin in  #3541
  • [GOG] trim titles for games by  @imLinguin in  #3549
  • [UX] Add messages when there are no games to display in the library by  @arielj in  #3536
  • [FIX] Apply top padding only to external link warning dialog by  @arielj in  #3550
  • [FIX] Fix z-index of folder icons in install dialog by  @arielj in  #3551
  • [i18n] Updated Translations by  @weblate in  #3517
  • [UX] Simplify install dialog hiding wine settings by default. Warn about shared wine directory by  @arielj in  #3547

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