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Gtk2Hs - A GUI Library for Haskell based on Gtk+

Version 0.9.11 is now available from:

The source tarball and an installer for Windows are available. Packages are available for Gentoo and FreeBSD. Packages for various other platforms should become available soon (hopefully including Fedora, Debian and Darwin).

Changes since 0.9.10:
* works with GHC 6.6 and Gtk+ 2.10.x
* new typed tree/list widget API
* new OpenGL widget added
* new cairo SVG package (for rendering SVG images on cairo
* new implementation of the Graphics.SOE API
* new glade tutorial
* many more demo programs (clock, graph, traffic congestion sim,
fonts, noughts & crosses, opengl, svg and updated profile viewer
and other tree/list demos)
* much smaller binaries (thanks to the ghc 'split objs' feature)
* many bugs fixed
* new functions for working with the threaded RTS
* various minor documentation improvements

Gtk2Hs feature highlights:
* automatic memory management
* Unicode support
* nearly full coverage of Gtk+ 2.8 API
* support for several additional Gtk+/Gnome modules:
* Glade visual GUI builder
* cairo vector graphics library
* SVG rendering for cairo
* OpenGL extension (works with HOpenGL)
* GConf, Gnome's system for storing app preferences
* SourceView, code editor widget with syntax highlighting
* the Mozilla browser rendering engine in a widget
* an implementation of the Graphics.SOE API
* extensive haddock API reference documentation
* multi-platform support with native look
* LGPL licence

Platforms and requirements:
* builds from source on Linux, Windows, MacOS X, FreeBSD and
* builds with GHC 6.2 - 6.6
* works with Gtk+ version 2.0 through to 2.10
* SVG support requires librsvg version 2.16 or later

Please report all problems to Contributions and feedback are also most welcome.

Windows release notes:
The installer expects GHC 6.6 or 6.4.2. Support for GHCi is only available with GHC-6.6. Profiling libs are included (though you do not need to install them if you want to save disk space)

The installer now comes bundled with Gtk+ itself so there's no need to download it separately. Hopefully this should also make the installation process a bit more reliable if only by reducing the number of configuration combinations.

The windows build does not include the svgcairo, sourceview, gconf or mozembed packages since they introduce rather a large number of dependencies and would make the installer a much bigger download.

(on behalf of the Gtk2Hs team)