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The second release candidate for Godot 4.1 has been released. The Godot Engine is a free, all-in-one, cross-platform game engine that makes it easy for you to create 2D and 3D games.

Release candidate: Godot 4.1 RC 2

Godot 4.1 is shaping up to be ready  right on schedule. Over the course of the beta testing phase, and with our first  Release Candidate a few days ago, we identified and fixed a number of regressions, i.e. recently introduced bugs that would worsen the experience compared to Godot 4.0. Now we’re fairly confident that we’ve handled most of those, and the remaining issues we’re tracking will likely be deferred to a fix in future 4.1.x maintenance releases.

That is to say, this RC 2 should be the one – if no major regression is identified in coming days, we’ll go ahead and release 4.1 stable, and reopen the development cycle for 4.2, which is scheduled for a release in November 2023. Please keep reporting issues that you encounter with the RC, even if you don’t think they’re critical – while triaging them, we might prioritize them for early on in the 4.2 development cycle, and backport the fixes to 4.1.x.

This release contains a  number of improvements compared to Godot 4.0 published earlier this year. Some systems have also been reworked, which means projects that rely on those need to be updated. However, for most games and apps made with 4.0 it should be safe to migrate to 4.1. Don’t forget to always make backups when moving versions, even minor. Better yet, prefer using a version control system, such as Git, and commit a version of your project before the migration.

Jump to the Downloads section, and give it a spin right now, or continue reading to learn more about improvements in this release. You can also  try the Web editor or the Android editor for this release. If you are interested in the latter, please request to join  our testing group to get access to pre-release builds.


Release candidate: Godot 4.1 RC 2