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Linux Journal posted an article about using Linux man pages

man woman

No manual entry for woman

Oooh, I just know I'm going to hear it in the comments for that one. But you know what? Just how many of you have tried something similar with other words? You know you have at least once or twice. Go ahead, try one or might be surprised. So why an article on man pages? Well, it's not just man pages, it's more like how to get information from Linux. Sure, you can use the internet and search for your problem, but you can also use the tried and true manual pages (or info) that comes with Linux distros out there. This and my next blog post aim to cover both Man pages and Info pages. Not only will you learn a thing or two about each one "- and, probably more than you ever wanted to know about each -" but the differences between the two as well. Granted if you just want basic syntax information about a command, there is always the tried and true: --help, -h or -?.
  Getting Help from Linux - Part 1 Man Pages