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Matthew Miller has announced the availability of the final release of Fedora Linux 37. This version is identical to the previously released Fedora Linux 37 RC 1.7.

Announcing Fedora Linux 37

Today I’m excited to share the results of the hard work of thousands of Fedora Project contributors: the Fedora Linux 37 release is here! Let’s see what the latest release brings you. As always, you should make sure your system is fully up-to-date before upgrading from a previous release. Can’t wait to get started?  Download while you read!

New editions

Fedora Editions are flagship offerings targeted at a particular “market”. With Fedora Linux 37, we’re adding two new Editions. Fedora CoreOS is the successor to what you may remember as Atomic Host. Drawing from Project Atomic and the original CoreOS work, it provides an automatic update mechanism geared toward hosting container-based workloads. With atomic updates and easy rollback, it adds peace of mind to your infrastructure.

Fedora Cloud is also back as an Edition. The Cloud Working Group has seen a resurgence in activity. Cloud provides a great Fedora base to run in your favorite public or private cloud. AMIs will be available in the AWS Marketplace later this week and community channels are available now. Check the  website for images in other cloud providers or for your own cloud!

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