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Ben Cotton has announced that the release of Fedora Linux 37 will be delayed to November 15 due to a critical OpenSSL bug.

Fedora Linux 37 update

Fedora Linux 37 is going to be late; very late. Here’s why. As you may have heard, the  OpenSSL project announced a version due to be released on Tuesday. It will include a fix for a critical-severity bug. We won’t know the specifics of the issue until Tuesday’s release, but it could be significant. As a result, we decided to delay the release of Fedora Linux 37. We are now  targeting a release day of 15 November.

Most decisions happen with imperfect information. This one is particularly imperfect. If you’re not familiar with the embargo process, you might not understand why. When a security issue is discovered, this information is often shared with the project confidentially. This allows the developers to fix the issue before more people know about it and can exploit it. Projects then share information with downstreams so they can be ready.

Ironically, Fedora’s openness means we can’t start preparing ahead of time. All of our build pipelines and artifacts are open. If we were to start building updates, this would disclose the vulnerability before the embargo lifts. As a result, we only know that OpenSSL considers this the highest level of severity and Red Hat’s Product Security team strongly recommended we wait for a fix before releasing Fedora Linux 37.

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