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A microcode_ctl security update has been released for Oracle Linux 7.

El-errata: ELSA-2022-9507 Important: Oracle Linux 7 microcode_ctl security update

Oracle Linux Security Advisory ELSA-2022-9507

The following updated rpms for Oracle Linux 7 have been uploaded to the Unbreakable Linux Network:



Related CVEs:


Description of changes:

- ensure UEK also rebuilds initramfs [Orabug: 34280052]

- update 06-55-04 to 0x2006d05
- update 06-55-07 to 0x5003302
- update 06-6a-04 to 0xb000280
- update 06-6a-06 to 0xd000375

- roll back 06-6a-06 to 0xd0002a0 due to PCIe issues on reset [Orabug: 34076312]

- for Intel, do not trigger load if on-disk microcode is not an update [Orabug: 30634727]
- set early_microcode="no" in virtualized guests to avoid early load bugs [Orabug: 30618736]
- ensure late loading fixes are present on 4.1.12-* and 4.14.35-*
- enable early and late load for 5.4.17-*
- enable early loading for 06-4f-01 caveat
- remove no longer appropriate caveats for 06-2d-07 and 06-55-04