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A sos bug fix and enhancement update has been released for Oracle Linux 8.

El-errata: ELBA-2023-1571 Oracle Linux 8 sos bug fix and enhancement update

Oracle Linux Bug Fix Advisory ELBA-2023-1571

The following updated rpms for Oracle Linux 8 have been uploaded to the Unbreakable Linux Network:




Description of changes:

- Adding virsh guest cgroup configuration [Orabug: 35088964]
- Adding PluginOpt support for ksplice and btrfs [Orabug: 34993258]
- Adding virsh qemu-monitor info-tree command [Orabug: 34650374]
- append .txt to .com domain named files [Orabug: 34523347]
- Adding dmesg -T to show timestamp for syslog comparison [Orabug: 34250313]
- Adding uptrack-uname to show effective ksplice kernel version [Orabug: 33553351]
- Fix ksplice plugin does not show description [Orabug: 32886513]
- Adjusted ksplice plugin patches for path change [Orabug: 32881277]
- Fix patch for Orabug 31969352 [Orabug: 32822570]
- Add in some btrfs commands [Orabug: 32727607]
- Add /var/run/ksplice/debug to sos ksplice plugin [Orabug: 32618933]
- Do not exit on unknown plugin [Orabug: 32556170]
- Allow a journal log size to be smaller than 100M [Orabug: 32454362]
- Replace RH_FTP_HOST and RH_API_HOST with "_none_" [Orabug: 31975601]
- Disable upload options for OracleLinux [Orabug: 31969352]
- Added sos-oraclelinux-vendor-vendorurl.patch
- Fix os detect string for Oracle Linux [Orabug: 28674897]
- Add ksplice plugin [Orabug: 30273666] (Philippe Vanhaesendonck)
- [ovn_central] call podman exec without a timeout
Resolves: bz1767359

- Rebase on upstream 4.5.1
Resolves: bz2175806
- [composer] Capure /etc/osbuild-composer file
Resolves: bz2169776
- [ostree] Collect "ostree fsck" under plugin specific opt
Resolves: bz2161533
- [iprconfig] guard whole plugin by sg kmod predicate
Resolves: bz2176086
- [cleaner] dont clean sys_tmp from final_path
Resolves: bz2176218