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A scap-security-guide bug fix update has been released for Oracle Linux 8.

ELBA-2023-12727 Oracle Linux 8 scap-security-guide bug fix update

Oracle Linux Bug Fix Advisory ELBA-2023-12727

The following updated rpms for Oracle Linux 8 have been uploaded to the Unbreakable Linux Network:




Description of changes:

- Update STIG rule selection [Orabug: 35663552]
- Update STIG id references so all rules in STIG profile have a STIG ID assigned
and only those [Orabug: 35663552]
- Add automation content for file_permission_user_init_files [Orabug: 35663552]
- Update applicability of rules bios_enable_execution_restrictions, service_rngd_enabled
logind_session_timeout & sysctl_kernel_kexec_load_disabled [Orabug: 35663552]
- Fix issue when adding entries in fstab of type iso9660. When running a STIG remediation
there were wrong entries being added to fstab when there were a cdrom mounted
[Orabug: 35663552]
- Update url for remote content when using --fetch-remote-resources. This frees up
some memory due to more specific OVAL checks [Orabug: 35663552]
- Update ssh MACs and Ciphers allowed by STIG profile [Orabug: 35663552]
- Update references to reflect STIG V1R7 compliance [Orabug: 35663552]
- Fix unreachable code in sssd_enable_smartcards bash remediation [Orabug: 35663552]
- Update regex to better find included files in sshd_config [Orabug: 35663552]