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A bouncycastle security update has been released for Debian GNU/Linux 9 Extended LTS to address a LDAP injection in X509 certificates handling.

ELA-913-1 bouncycastle security update

Package : bouncycastle
Version : 1.56-1+deb9u4 (stretch)

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Bouncy Castle is a collection of APIs used in cryptography. It includes APIs for both the Java and the C# programming languages.
Bouncy Castle was vulnerable due to a LDAP injection in X509 certificates handling. The vulnerability only affects applications that use an LDAP CertStore from Bouncy Castle to validate X.509 certificates. During the certificate validation process, Bouncy Castle inserts the certificate’s Subject Name into an LDAP search filter without any escaping, which leads to an LDAP injection vulnerability.

ELA-913-1 bouncycastle security update