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A python2.7 security update has been released for Debian GNU/Linux 8 and 9 Extended LTS to address multiple security issues.

ELA-853-1 python2.7 security update

Package : python2.7
Version : 2.7.9-2-ds1-1+deb8u10 (jessie), 2.7.13-2+deb9u7 (stretch)

Related CVEs :

Multiple security issues were discovered in Python, an interactive
high-level object-oriented language. An attacker may cause command
injection, denial of service (DoS) and request smuggling.

The mailcap module does not add escape characters into commands
discovered in the system mailcap file. This may allow attackers to
inject shell commands into applications that call
mailcap.findmatch with untrusted input (if they lack validation of
user-provided filenames or arguments).
Note: this CVE was really issued in 2022.

Python allows an HTTP server to conduct Regular Expression Denial
of Service (ReDoS) attacks against a client because of
urllib.request.AbstractBasicAuthHandler catastrophic backtracking.

http.client allows CRLF injection if the attacker controls the
HTTP request method, as demonstrated by inserting CR and LF
control characters in the first argument of

There’s a flaw in urllib’s AbstractBasicAuthHandler class. An
attacker who controls a malicious HTTP server that an HTTP client
(such as web browser) connects to, could trigger a Regular
Expression Denial of Service (ReDOS) during an authentication
request with a specially crafted payload that is sent by the
server to the client.

An improperly handled HTTP response in the HTTP client code of
python may allow a remote attacker, who controls the HTTP server,
to make the client script enter an infinite loop, consuming CPU

An unnecessary quadratic algorithm exists in one path when
processing some inputs to the IDNA (RFC 3490) decoder, such that a
crafted, unreasonably long name being presented to the decoder
could lead to a CPU denial of service.

This update also brings improved fixes for CVE-2019-10160
(ELA-134-1,DLA-2280-1) and CVE-2021-3177 (ELA-598-1,DLA-2919-1), and
drop the patch for CVE-2019-9740/CVE-2019-9947 (DLA-1834-1,DLA-2337-1)
whose issue was introduced later in the 2.7.x series.

  ELA-853-1 python2.7 security update