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Thanks Spunz. is giving away LindowsOS 4.5 developer edition again.

Since posting the first beta of Nvu, there has been a lot of curiousity from Nvu developers and fans alike who want to check out LindowsOS and the revolutionary CNR Warehouse. The CNR Warehouse is a digital library with hundreds of software programs available to LindowsOS users. With one click of the mouse, users can download, install and configure software for their LindowsOS-equipped PCs (including Nvu!).

We appreciate your interest in Nvu and LindowsOS and would love for you to give LindowsOS a thorough evaluation. In fact, we want to give Nvu users a FREE copy of the LindowsOS Developers Edition, with more than 100 development tools, plus access to all releases of Nvu from CNR!
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