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New framework allows rapid expansion of — 400 percent Increase in 45 Days

SAN FRANCISCO and MONTREAL, May 1, 2007 – Coverity, Inc., makers of the world’s most advanced source code analysis solution, today announced a major infrastructure upgrade to, an open source software quality and security analysis site. The upgrade will enable the rapid expansion of the site, including regular additions of hundreds of new open source software projects. Coverity will use the new infrastructure to add 100 new open source graphics projects to the site on May 4th, coinciding with the start of the open source Libre Graphics Meeting in Montreal, Canada.

This is the first time that Coverity is focusing on improving the quality of end-user professional applications such as the open source Blender 3d suite used to create computer animation in movies. Other projects to be analyzed include the GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP), an open source photo retouching package and Inkscape, a vector graphics program. The new expansion is in response to the spread of open source software into all areas of the world economy, including the multi-billion dollar industry around professional graphics software.

The collaborative spirit of the open source development community leads members to work on multiple projects. Bryce Harrington, one of the project leaders for Inkscape, previously used when working on testing the performance of NFS.

"Coverity has again showed its good will in now analyzing open source graphics projects as part of their efforts with Scan," said Harrington. "As a test engineer at the Open Source Development Labs, I have been using the defects Coverity reported for Linux NFSv4. The way Coverity's product communicates information about every reported defect is especially valuable. It's rare to find this level of information in tests typically available to open source developers."

The new framework will enable to take full advantage of the latest advances in Coverity's recently announced Prevent SQS to further the work that was started in using Coverity Prevent(tm) last year. Last month on March 27, Coverity announced the addition of 100 new key open source libraries and infrastructure components. Today's announcement of an additional 100 open source graphics applications brings the total number of packages under regular analysis to 250.

"With this new infrastructure, we can fully leverage the scalability and precision of Coverity Prevent SQS the same way our commercial customers do. Our analysis of these 250 open source projects and beyond will reduce the global economic impact of catastrophic software failures and security vulnerabilities," said David Maxwell, open source strategist for Coverity. "The success of shows that Coverity's static code analysis is easy to use, quickly identifies relevant software defects, and provides a way to effectively improve the quality and security of complex software projects with distributed development teams."

David Maxwell will be providing details about the expansion of the site on May 4, 2007 at 11:20am at the Libre Graphics Meeting in Montreal, Canada, located at the Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal. More information on the talk and the conference is available at

More information about the scan project and a list of the new projects under analysis will be available at


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