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Dedoimedo posted a review on CentOS 6

Waiting for CentOS is almost like buying my Golf GTI thingie. A long wait. Just kidding. I'm just parsimonious, that's all, meaning made of persimmons. Anyhow, CentOS 6 is finally here, and I have waited most eagerly for its release. While Scientific Linux did soften the anticipation somewhat, I was still looking forward to trying the latest release.

Without further ado, let's see what CentOS 6 can do, and shortly, we might also give the upcoming service pack yet another spin. Either way, I want to know if CentOS might be a good candidate for my super-long-support desktop distro plan. With support into 2016 or longer, this could be the golden operating system that everyone wants and needs; simple yet modern, fast and stable. So, is it?
  CentOS 6 - Simple, robust, efficient, and finally here