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Jonathan Carter has announced that the call for artwork proposals for Debian 13 (trixie) is now open for submissions. The deadline for the submissions in question is September 19, 2024. Clean design, compatibility without core software patching, and a "Debian" style were the deciding factors in the theme's selection.

Call for Debian 13 (trixie) artwork proposals

Dear Debianites

This is the official call for artwork proposals for the trixie cycle. For the most up to date details, please refer to the wiki[1]. At the same time, we would like to thank Juliette Taka for creating the Emerald theme for bookworm[2].

So, if you would like (or know someone who would like) to create a desktop look and feel that will be seen by trillions of people, be sure to send in your artwork ASAP!

Deadline for submissions: 2024-09-19

The artwork is usually picked based on which theme looks the most:

- "Debian"

(Admittedly not the most defined concept, since everyone has their own take on what Debian means to them.)

- plausible to integrate without patching core software

(As much as we love some of the insanely good looking themes, some would require heavy GTK+ theming and patching GDM/GNOME.)

- clean / well designed

(without becoming something that gets annoying to look at a year down the road. Examples of good themes include Joy, Lines, softWaves and futurePrototype)

For more information / details, please post to the Debian Desktop[3] list, to which the reply-to for this mail has been set.

-Jonathan, on behalf of the Debian Desktop team