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A new version of the russian based ASPLinux has been released. This distribution based on Fedora Core and comes with nVidia 3D drivers and multimedia applications.

The new version was called name "v10". This name was selected not randomly. These are not so much ordinal number, as proper name, consonant to the designation of the engine of automobile.

With development ASPLinux v10 it was considered that this distrbution will be established not only on servers, but also to the table computers, including domestic; therefore with the creation of this distribution are realized the following possibilities:

* The instantaneous readiness for the work, which does not require the large number of user tuning — ASPLinux v10 it is ready to work immediately after installation from the box.
* Simplicity configuration — the maximum number of tuning are done by customary for many users motions of mouse.
* The great possibilities of multimedia — included in distributiv programs make it possible to reproduce videodisks DVD and mpeg4, and audio- files in mp3.

ASPLinux v10 based on Fedora, created by the association of developers under the aegis of company Red Hat. Selecting Fedora Core as the base for the new version of this distribution was caused by the fact that, in the opinion of company ASPLinux, at present this most qualitative and is rapid that being renewing of repozitariy. Initially it was planned, which as the base for new distributiva will be used Fedora Core 2, however, specialists ASPLinux seriously modernized this distribution, after including in it the significant number of packets from Fedora Core 3, and so its own developments.

In this distribution they are included the most recent window manager — GNOME 2.8.1 and KDE 3.3.1. Office problems are solved due to the proposed collection of applications 1.1.2, compatible with Microsoft Office at the level of sizes it is file. For the navigation on the world network are proposed browsers FireFox 1.0, Mozilla 1.7.3, Konqeror, Opera, while for the work with the electronic mail — Mozilla Thunderbird and Novell Evolution 2.0.2.