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A beta version of CentOS 3.4 is now available for testing

There is a yum.conf at
http://beta.caosity.org/centos/3.4beta/scripts/yum.conf-3.4beta that can be used for testing the updates and also for setting yum following the install.

Thus works at the moment because /3/ is symlinked to /3.4beta/ on the beta mirror.

Once 3.4 is released /3/ will symlink to /3.4/ or will be its own repo - not yet decided.


Decide finally on 3.4/3 repo structure for up2date and yum

If /3/ then would need to build centos-yumcache with all 3.1/updates headers otherwise there would be a massive header download session :(:

Or could all pre 3.4 updates be moved to an old-updates repo and solve this problem ?? 3.1/3.3 would update to 3.4 anyway ??

3.3 has same problem but could have centos-yumcache pulled by dependency adding to another package (centos-release ??)

3.1 doesnt because it already has all 3.1 updates headers

Release notes
More bookmarks in mozilla
Check all packages signed


The install does not install centos-yumcache at the moment, so following install yum will download headers for all packages not installed :(:

This can be avoided by installing the centos-yumcache rpm

rpm -ihv

Grub Splash seems to be missing sometimes

RPM has an error : error: Macro % has illegal name (%define) every time it or yum is run
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