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Arch Linux GUI Zen Edition 2022.07, an experimental edition of Arch Linux GUI based on the Linux Zen kernel, Zsh shell, btrFS, Z standard compression, and Chaotic AUR Repository has been released.

Arch Linux GUI 2022.07 released

The ALG Zen edition differs from the Vanilla editions due to the inclusion of the following core components:

  1. The Linux Zen Kernel (Increased Responsiveness)
  2. Zsh as default shell
  3. btrFS as default File System (Automatic Partition Subvolumes: /, /home, /var/cache, /var/log)
  4. Z standard compression for ISO image (Lightning fast installation)
  5. Chaotic AUR Repository (Install AUR packages from terminal)


  • KDE Plasma Desktop 5.25 on Live ISO.
  • Install Stock Desktop of Choice (xfce, gnome, cutefish, budgie, deepin, cinnamon, mate & i3WM)
  • Install Applications of Choice (Browser, Multimedia, Developement, etc)
  • Network info copied over to future system (auth after reboot)
  • Network Managed for Xfce, MATE, LxQt (applet)
  • NVIDIA Driver Support
  • Multilib Enabled
  • PAMAC Software Center
  • Simple Desktop Display Manager
  • Tap-to-touch

NOTE: Plasma will not be removed. If you install another DE, you need to select your DE on the top left during login in SDDM, post installation.

Arch Linux GUI Zen Edition

Download Archlinux-gui-zen-2022.07-x86_64.iso