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Apache NetBeans IDE 22 has been released. NetBeans has been updated with various modifications, including the ability to import Payara Server configurations, fix DB selection in JPA entity generation, ensure that only current schemas are resolved, and add support for GlassFish 7.0.14 and GlassFish 8.0.0-M4. The JSF Facelets template wizard now supports the JSF 4+ namespace. The editor has been enhanced with a more functional parser API, as well as an updated editing toolbar.

UI modifications have been done, such as fixing the welcome page after config import, filtering the delete action on Favorites root nodes, and adding common actions with shortcuts to the editor background. The NSCode extension has been tidied up, and the Language Server Protocol has been added. The CI pipeline has been improved, and the VSNetBeans version 21.9.9 has been updated.

Apache NetBeans 22

What's Changed


  • Skip unreadable multiproperties. by  @sdedic in  #7037
  • Fixed concurrency issues in GradleDaemonExecutor by  @mbien in  #7030
  • Gradle Project shall use the Java from the tooling not runtime. by  @lkishalmi in  #7024
  • Upgrade Gradle Tooling API to 8.7 by  @lkishalmi in  #7215
  • Better Gradle Project Creation Wizard by  @lkishalmi in  #7257
  • Prevent NPE on Missing/Invalid Java Platform by  @lkishalmi in  #7341
  • Temporarily downgrade gradle module language level by  @mbien in  #7367


  • Override conflicting dependencies with the finally used ones. by  @sdedic in  #7028
  • Replace usage of package org.codehaus.plexus.util.IOUtil with Java native methods. by  @pepness in  #7076
  • Fix empty Test Results with maven surefire plugin. by  @robfitz273k in  #7113
  • Refactoring pom.xml as well when renaming class inside editor by  @Achal1607 in  #7104
  • maven indexing: update lucene from 9.9.1 to 9.10.0. by  @mbien in  #7087
  • Fixed false error thrown if parent pom version uses variable by  @Achal1607 in  #7158
  • Remove experimental maven download feature. by  @mbien in  #7182
  • Very simple support for native-image build for Helidon projects. by  @sdedic in  #7178
  • Improve priming from LSP client by  @sdedic in  #7063
  • Configure commons-logging to log using java.util.logging by  @matthiasblaesing in  #7356
  • Renaming classes in Maven projects without project properties fails by  @matthiasblaesing in  #7361
  • Bump MavenVersionSettings fallback versions. by  @mbien in  #7357


  • Fix how to define fallback values for a jdk installation in some xml files by  @pepness in  #7031
  • Add null check on originalEncoding parameter of EncodingModel by  @pedro-w in  #7060
  • NB Build: Basic support for javac.release property. by  @mbien in  #7188


  • Computing hints based on custom preferences by  @Achal1607 in  #6760
  • Minor bug fixes. by  @dbalek in  #7014
  • Retire EOL Spring 3, 4 and update Spring 5 lib wrapper to 5.3.31. by  @mbien in  #6994
  • Upgrade to JDK 22 javac (build 33). by  @lahodaj in  #6968
  • Micronaut PUT/POST Data Endpoint Method generation added. by  @dbalek in  #7068
  • Allow invocation of annotation Processor's getCompletions even if process fails. by  @lahodaj in  #6956
  • Java Code Templates for List.of(), Map.of(), and Set.of() by  @lkishalmi in  #7102
  • Fix: Settings persistence does not work for inner-class hints by  @mbien in  #7077
  • LSP: Code completion for Java static members. by  @dbalek in  #7149
  • Java Code Templates for records and sealed types by  @lkishalmi in  #7088
  • Escape java hint fix String for html and fill in multi variables. by  @mbien in  #7075
  • gracefully handle case, when encSimpleName is equal to simpleName by  @thurka in  #7176
  • Entities from databases: Bugfix entity generation in plain java (non webapp) projects by  @matthiasblaesing in  #7163
  • Deconflict some layer registration positions by  @mbien in  #7235
  • [NETBEANS-3725] Preventing a crash in Flow due to unattributed ASTs (cleared nerrors prevents post attr to run in some cases). by  @lahodaj in  #7153
  • Include api.dashboard in Javadoc. by  @neilcsmith-net in  #7272
  • Added go to test ability for test/tested class in lsp server by  @Achal1607 in  #6834
  • LSP: Generate Tests converted to Source Action. by  @dbalek in  #7276
  • Re-add org.netbeans.libs.nbjavac as recommends for java.source.base. by  @neilcsmith-net in  #7334
  • Declarative hint editor support fixes and improvements by  @mbien in  #7333
  • Code generator record and enum updates. by  @mbien in  #7339
  • Update nb-javac to jdk-22.0.1 by  @mbien in  #7366
  • ComputeImports: fix package computation. by  @mbien in  #7363
  • Fix TreeUtilities.pathFor for synthetic 'value=' in annotations also for start position by  @matthiasblaesing in  #7378



  • Allow for removing Micronaut symbols from index. by  @dbalek in  #6996
  • Remove struts 1 support. by  @mbien in  #6987
  • Micronaut: separate templates for creating plain controllers and controllers from repositories by  @dbalek in  #7071
  • Micronaut: Detect and report duplicated endpoint URI paths. by  @dbalek in  #7090
  • Add support for GlassFish 7.0.12 by  @pepness in  #7032
  • Enable Servlet/Filter/Listener generation for Jakarta based projects by  @matthiasblaesing in  #6984
  • Adding support for Wildfly 31 by  @febilus in  #7055
  • Enable code completion in JSF and JSP pages in Jakarta based projects by  @matthiasblaesing in  #6985
  • Final changes for JakartaEE adjustments by  @matthiasblaesing in  #7020
  • Fix detection of support for generation session beans from entity classes and support jakarta package names by  @matthiasblaesing in  #7080
  • Add support for Jakarta EE 11 by  @pepness in  #6988
  • Micronaut: Code completion for repository finder methods enhanced. by  @dbalek in  #7115
  • JDK 21 support to Payara Platform tools v6.x in Apache NetBeans IDE by  @jGauravGupta in  #6999
  • Micronaut: Code completion for repository finder methods improved. by  @dbalek in  #7121
  • Jakarta 11 license fixes by  @ebarboni in  #7138
  • Remove JSF 1.2 from Libraries by  @lkishalmi in  #7184
  • Set up locator services to fix NPE during Maven priming by  @sdedic in  #7227
  • Micronaut: Making code completion tests more stable. by  @dbalek in  #7234
  • Add support for GlassFish 7.0.13 and GlassFish 8.0.0-M3 by  @pepness in  #7204
  • JsfVersion might not be known, so null case must be handled by  @matthiasblaesing in  #7216
  • Import Payara Server configurations after a NetBeans upgrade by  @brunogptavares in  #7242
  • Fix DB selection in JPA entity generation and improve derby integration by  @matthiasblaesing in  #7246
  • XML Catalog GF/Payara: Ensure only existing schemas are resolved by  @matthiasblaesing in  #7218
  • JSF: Support composite components in resource folder defined by jakarta.faces.WEBAPP_RESOURCES_DIRECTORY by  @matthiasblaesing in  #7236
  • Add support for GlassFish 7.0.14 and GlassFish 8.0.0-M4 by  @pepness in  #7252
  • JSF Facelets template wizard: Support JSF 4+ namespace by  @matthiasblaesing in  #7222
  • Micronaut: code completion for update methods fixed. by  @dbalek in  #7262
  • Import local schema to avoid DNS lookup in build by  @jgneff in  #7283


  • Handle JAR-URL as codesource for javascript editor module by  @matthiasblaesing in  #7160
  • JS: Handle meta-properties and import.meta and improve code completion with newlines and comments by  @matthiasblaesing in  #7211
  • Add support for Chrome DevTools Protocol for NodeJS Debugging by  @matthiasblaesing in  #4220
  • #7245: better recovery from script engine failures by  @sdedic in  #7250
  • Update libs.graaljs, libs.graalsdk and libs.truffleapi to 24.0.0 by  @sdedic in  #7268


  • New file created by copy/paste in git repo ignores commit exclusion flag by  @matthiasblaesing in  #7070
  • move all git and versioning tests to the versioning CI job by  @mbien in  #7092
  • Fixes all deprecated API usage in libs.jgit and update gitignore IO code by  @mbien in  #7093
  • Add default Git Hyperlink Provider. by  @mbien in  #7147
  • Git history and diff view improvements by  @mbien in  #7128
  • Remove kenai code from versioning and bugtracking modules by  @mbien in  #7198
  • Update versions after incompatible changes in versioning.util and mercurial by  @matthiasblaesing in  #7230


UI Changes

  • Fix welcome page after config import. by  @mbien in  #7141
  • Fix filtering of delete action on Favorites root nodes. by  @neilcsmith-net in  #7183
  • Add common actions with shortcuts to editor background by  @neilcsmith-net in  #7171
  • Update NetBeans icns icon to match macOS style guidlines by  @oyarzun in  #7132
  • Tweak JOptionPane minimum size. by  @mbien in  #6577
  • Integrate NB Favorites with the FileChooser shortcuts panel by  @mbien in  #7164
  • Add Dashboard API and use to provide replacement for Welcome page by  @neilcsmith-net in  #7239
  • Fix editor background shortcut colour for some non-default LAFs by  @mhalachev in  #7255
  • fixed PropertyPanel fill background for flatlaf l&f by  @DJ-Raven in  #7332
  • Remove keyboard shortcut from terminal close action by  @neilcsmith-net in  #7372


  • Cleanup NetBeans Upgrader module. by  @mbien in  #7155

Language Server Protocol

  • Including, as it is a required dependency as of recently. by  @lahodaj in  #6966
  • LSP: Do not compute text edits in source actions on resolve call. by  @dbalek in  #6990
  • NbLaunchDelegate fix and test multi line texts in by  @jtulach in  #7011
  • ActionProvider & its Lookup consolidation in VSCode extension by  @jtulach in  #7105
  • Update guava from 32.1.2-jre to 33.0.0-jre by  @mbien in  #7004
  • LSP: Simplified server startup. by  @dbalek in  #7154
  • LSP: TestClassGenerator should create the target folder if it is missing by  @dbalek in  #7177
  • Fix LSP test using the New Gradle Wizard by  @lkishalmi in  #7267
  • Integrate hints preferences option in the vscode extension by  @Achal1607 in  #7082

VSCode Extension


  • Prepare CI for NB 22 and bump minimum JDK requirement to 17 by  @mbien in  #7019
  • Remove pre-apache NetBeans 8.2 plugin portal from settings. by  @mbien in  #6991
  • Code Cleanup/Deprecation fixes: Class#newInstance, underscore identifier, better temp files, avoid toUpper/LowerCase and more by  @mbien in  #7053
  • Java 17 Support with Sigtest 2.2 from JakartaEE TCK Tools by  @lkishalmi in  #7117
  • Update delete-artifact action and JDK 22 version to ga. by  @mbien in  #7181
  • Upgrade commons libs, asm, jgit, jna, jackson, felix, jacoco and junit by  @mbien in  #7237
  • Complete update to asm 9.7 by  @pepness in  #7251
  • CI pipeline improvements (more label control) by  @mbien in  #7206
  • Fixed some static code analyzer warnings by  @mbien in  #7284
  • CV: skip sporadically failing template delivery by  @mbien in  #7344

Other Changes

  • Revert "NbLaunchDelegate fix and test multi line texts in" by  @neilcsmith-net in  #7061
  • Adjusting some license texts. by  @lahodaj in  #7034
  • Exclude JDK 17+ HCL module from graalvm tests by  @mbien in  #7169
  • link visual api to effective site by  @ebarboni in  #7162
  • Generate Java Sources from GoLang grammars pre-compile by  @lkishalmi in  #7189
  • Changelog updates for upcoming VSNetBeans 21.9.9 release. by  @MartinBalin in  #7238
  • Allow user to manipulate Truffle breakpoints by  @jtulach in  #6866
  • Revert "Allow user to manipulate Truffle breakpoints" by  @mbien in  #7261
  • HCL added Scoped Function name support (Terraform 1.8) by  @lkishalmi in  #7270
  • HCL: fix possible NPE-s, in List.of() and asString() by  @lkishalmi in  #7286

New Contributors

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