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The fourth release candidate for Apache NetBeans 20 IDE has been released for testing.

Apache NetBeans 20-rc4

What's Changed


  • Fix LSP/Micronaut tests + don't ignore exception in gradle spi by  @mbien in  #6673


  • Bump hardcoded maven compiler and resource plugin version defaults. by  @mbien in  #6681


  • Limit msg length in test window by default. by  @mbien in  #6688
  • Fix ConcurrentModificationException in TestMethodController by  @lkishalmi in  #6689
  • Fix formatting of try/catch as first statement in switch case (GH5323). by  @neilcsmith-net in  #6678


  • Fix CherryPickCommand ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException (GH6668) by  @neilcsmith-net in  #6672
  • Add missing git create-branch and switch-branch toolbar icons. by  @mbien in  #6696


  • Don't scroll output window on link click. by  @mbien in  #6679

Full Changelog 20-rc3...20-rc4

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