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The second release candidate for Apache NetBeans 20 IDE has been released for testing.

Apache NetBeans 20-rc2

What's Changed


  • Fix Gradle version change in by  @lkishalmi in  #6589
  • Try to close Gradle Daemons on exit. by  @lkishalmi in  #6598
  • Be more friendly on 'runSingle' when 'run' task is missing. by  @lkishalmi in  #6618


  • Priming build and reload improvements. by  @sdedic in  #6514


  • JDK Downloader: fix current GA/EA values by  @mbien in  #6590
  • Fix unnamed main method detection by  @mbien in  #6593
  • Formatting options UI: fix naming panel layout by  @mbien in  #6619


  • Fix Git show history regression. by  @mbien in  #6594

UI Changes

Language Server Protocol

  • use clusters.config.release.list instead of clusters.config.full.list by  @thurka in  #6583
  • Prefixing all code names of commands with 'nbls'. by  @lahodaj in  #6218

Full Changelog 20-rc1...20-rc2

Release Apache NetBeans 20-rc2 · apache/netbeans