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AMD has released Radeon Software for Linux 23.40.2

AMD Radeon Software for Linux 23.40.2

Installing Radeon:tm: Software for Linux:registered:

For detailed instructions on how to install or uninstall Radeon:tm: Software for Linux:registered:, please refer to  Radeon:tm: Software for Linux:registered: installation instructions.

AMD Radeon:tm: Product Family Compatibility

Radeon:tm: Software for Linux:registered: is compatible with the following AMD products (level of compatibility may vary from product to product within each series; for details, please refer to  AMD Drivers and Support :

Graphics Series

Professional Graphics Series

AMD Radeon:tm: RX 7000AMD Radeon:tm: PRO W7000
AMD Radeon:tm: RX 6000AMD Radeon:tm: PRO W6000
AMD Radeon:tm: VIIAMD Radeon:tm: PRO VII
AMD Radeon:tm: RX 5000AMD Radeon:tm: PRO W5000
AMD Radeon:tm: RX VegaRadeon:tm: PRO WX x200
AMD Radeon:tm: RX 500Radeon:tm: PRO WX x100
AMD Radeon:tm: RX 400Radeon:tm: PRO
AMD Radeon:tm: R9 Fury / Fury X / NanoAMD Radeon:tm: Pro Duo
AMD Radeon:tm: R9 360 / 380 / 380X / 390 / 390XFirePro:tm: Wx100
AMD Radeon:tm: R9 285 / 290 / 290XFirePro:tm: Wx000

Compatible 64-bit Operating Systems

  • Ubuntu 20.04.6 HWE
  • Ubuntu 22.04.4 HWE 
  • RHEL 8.9
  • RHEL 9.3
  • SLED/SLES 15 SP 5

Download Radeon Software for Linux 23.40.2