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AMD has released Radeon Software for Linux 22.40.5, which fixes an installation bug in 22.40.3 and drops support for RHEL 7.9.

AMD Radeon Software for Linux 22.40.5

This article provides information on the latest release version of Radeon:tm: Software for Linux:registered:.

Radeon:tm: Software for Linux:registered: 22.40.5 Highlights

  • Fixing an installation bug in 22.40.3 release preventing users from installing proprietary components
  • Dropping support for RHEL 7.9

Radeon:tm: Software for Linux:registered: installer can be downloaded from the following links:

Installing Radeon:tm: Software for Linux:registered:

For detailed instructions on how to install or uninstall Radeon:tm: Software for Linux:registered:, please refer to  Radeon:tm: Software for Linux:registered: installation instructions.

AMD Vulkan Driver Notes

To use AMD Vulkan driver in this stack, please make sure RADV driver is disabled and the Vulkan SDK 1.3.237 or later version is installed. The SDK can be downloaded from:

AMD Radeon:tm: Product Family Compatibility

Radeon:tm: Software for Linux:registered: is compatible with the following AMD products.

AMD Product Family Compatibility

AMD Radeon:tm: RX 7900 Series Graphics

AMD Radeon:tm: Pro WX-Series

AMD Radeon:tm: RX 6900/6800/6700/6600/6500/6400/6300 Series Graphics

AMD Radeon:tm: Pro WX 9100

AMD Radeon:tm: RX 5700/5600/5500/5300 Series Graphics

AMD Radeon:tm: Pro WX 8200

AMD Radeon:tm: VII Series Graphics​

AMD FirePro:tm: W9100

AMD Radeon:tm: RX Vega Series Graphics

AMD FirePro:tm: W8100

AMD Radeon:tm: Vega Frontier Edition

AMD FirePro:tm: W7100

AMD Radeon:tm: RX 550/560/570/580/590 Series Graphics

AMD FirePro:tm: W5100

AMD Radeon:tm: RX 460/470/480 Graphics

AMD FirePro:tm: W4300

AMD Radeon:tm: Pro Duo


AMD Radeon:tm: R9 Fury/Fury X/Nano Graphics


AMD Radeon:tm: R9 380/380X/390/390X Graphics​

AMD Radeon:tm: R9 285/290/290X Graphics  
AMD Radeon:tm: R9 360 Graphics  

Compatible 64-bit Operating Systems

  • Ubuntu 20.04.5 HWE
  • Ubuntu 22.04.2 HWE 
  • RHEL 8.7
  • RHEL 9.1
  • SLED/SLES 15 SP 4

Known issues

  • Application crash has been observed while performing viewport shading rendering previews in Blender version 3.4
  • Application crash has been observed while rendering Barbershop Scene in Blender

Download Radeon Software for Linux 22.40.5