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AMD has updated their Linux Open Source Driver for Vulkan with support for Vulkan API 1.3.261.

AMDVLK v-2023.Q3.2

Driver installation instruction

2023-9-22 update

New feature and improvement

  • Update Khronos Vulkan Headers to 1.3.261
  • Support Quadbuffer Stereo
  • Performance tuning for Quake2 RTX RT
  • Reduce RS64 vs F32 mode overhead
  • Add a setting to allow changing PWS mode
  • Reduce amdvlk binary size
  • Optimize the clear to single shaders
  • Support dynamic sample buffer info for Extended_dynamic_state3 extension

Issue fix

  • Driver still reports HDR formats even when HDR mode is disabled
  • CTS failure in*
  • vkCreateRenderPass2 Crash
  • Debug markers missing in RGD

Release v-2023.Q3.2 · GPUOpen-Drivers/AMDVLK