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Version 1.0-beta2 of the amaroK audio player has been released

With the beta release series we hope to generate much feedback, bug reports and wishes, leading to a high quality final product. Please test and enjoy :):

FIX: Crash on AMD64 due to assumption about pointer size.
CHG: SQLite library sourcecode now included with amaroK.
CHG: The collection-thread now inserts its data in a temporary database while scanning, which allows us to safely use the collection in the meantime.
ADD: URLDrag from Playlist, so you can drag and drop to xmms. Doesn't work with the FileBrowser yet, but it will!
CHG: CollectionBrowser now fills the database inside of a thread, resulting in improved performance.
ADD: Mini track-position slider in statusbar.
FIX: Don't try to crossfade with engines that do not support this feature.
ADD: XMMS visualization plugins can be configured with their GUI.
FIX: Collection filtering had some regressions.
FIX: Loader on some systems not able to start amaroK.
FIX: Switching engines at runtime breaking volume control.
FIX: GstEngine skipping tracks directly after starting, when crossfading enabled.
CHG: Database system now works with linked tables. Saves hdd-space and cpu-time.
CHG: If you remove the current song from the playlist, we don't define the next song anymore, but let it be randomly selected (only when random mode is on!)
CHG: Random Mode now respects the playlist filter and only picks items, which are currently visible in the playlist. Also removed a crash situation.
CHG: Removed the search-token index. Searching now iterates through the playlist, offering direct and specific access to the metadata.
FIX: Bug where fill-down would cause lots of extra tags to be written when a search is in progress (BR 79482).
FIX: Defect in plugin framework code, leading to a crash on some systems during engine plugin initialization.
FIX: Restoring current playlist on startup (BR 79436, BR 79439).
ADD: Searching the Collection with a filter.
FIX: BrowserWin's QLabels are painted white in amaroK's own color scheme.
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