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Beta 6 of akregator 1.0 has been released.

akregator is a fast, lightweight, and intuitive feed reader program for KDE. It allows you to quickly browse through hundreds of thousands of internet feeds in a quick, efficient, and familiar way. It is currently beta and under heavy development.

The focus of the release was enhanced usability. Akregator has shed it's old cumbersome multi-window interface and instead now uses a standard feed list. Additionally, feed lists are now saved on the fly without any user interaction.

A number of new features appear in this release as well. Akregator can now be configured to popup a notification balloon when new articles are fetched. This is particularily useful for people who automatically fetch feeds in the background.

Lots of bugs and crashes have been fixed. There are many session management fixes in this release. The kontact part works much more reliably now. A number of long standing crashes have been eliminated.
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