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A new version of AgensGraph, fully-featured enterprise graph database management system based on the PostgreSQL has been released.

Announcing the release of AgensGraph 2.13

AgensGraph is a new-generation multi-model graph database for the modern complex data environment. AgensGraph is a multi-model database, which simultaneously supports the relational and graph data model and enables developers to integrate the legacy relational data model and the flexible graph data model in one database. AgensGraph supports ANSI-SQL and openCypher. SQL and Cypher queries can be integrated into a single query in AgensGraph.

AgensGraph is based on the powerful PostgreSQL RDBMS and is very robust, fully featured, and ready for enterprise use. AgensGraph is optimized for handling complex connected graph data and provides plenty of robust database features essential to the enterprise database environment including ACID transactions, multi-version concurrency control, stored procedure, triggers, constraints, sophisticated monitoring, and a flexible data model (JSON). Moreover, AgensGraph leverages the rich ecosystems of PostgreSQL and can be extended with many outstanding external modules, like PostGIS.

Release Notes for AgensGraph v2.13

1. Performance

Support of PostgreSQL Version 13

  • Supports parallelized vacuuming
  • Supports deduplication function in B-Tree index
  • Supports incremental sorting
  • Introduction of hash aggregation functionality in queries that use aggregate functions or sets of groups
  • Applied other PostgreSQL 13 major features

2. Enhance Performance

  • Supports binary-upgrade for graph data
  • Performance improvement when running regular dump for graph data
  • When using head(), tail(), and last() functions on edge based on the edge, result values will return in the correct order
  • Modified PL/PGSQL to use Cypher syntax
  • When creating PL/PGSQL, Cypher’s CREATE/SET/DELETE syntax is now usable

3. Maintenance

Various bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue of agdata environment variable not recognizing when initdb was used
  • Modified the default data to be set to agdata when running initdb
  • Fixed an error related to Just-in-Time (JIT) flag
  • Fixed an error that crashed LLVM when using Cypher statement
  • Fixed an issue where restore was unavailable when using some functions of pg_dump
  • Fixed an error that occurred while running pg_restore when the label was not empty
  • Fixed the server disconnection error when using a double aggregate function (ex. avg(collect()))

The new version is immediately available for  download

Announcing the release of AgensGraph 2.13