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A press release from ActiveGrid, Inc.:

DB2 Express-C Gives Enterprise Customers Dataserver Choice and Delivers the Power of DB2 to LAMP Application Development

SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 30, 2006 -- ActiveGrid, Inc., the Enterprise LAMP(TM) company, today announced that it will bundle IBM DB2 Express-C with the popular ActiveGrid Enterprise LAMP development platform.

The addition of DB2 Express-C will give ActiveGrid customers maximum flexibility in their choice of dataserver, as they utilize the LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, Perl/PHP/Python) application infrastructure to reduce the cost and complexity of developing rich user interface, Internet, service-oriented applications.

"Our clients are increasingly interested in exploring LAMP as a cost- effective, fast and easy development platform," said Bob Picciano, VP of Databases at IBM. "With this announcement today, IBM and ActiveGrid offer customers a robust dataserver platform for building their service-oriented applications."
"IBM is a champion of both Linux and Open Source," said Peter Yared, CEO of ActiveGrid. "And we are excited that they are the first to recognize that large corporations may favor the use of LAMP to build SOA applications, while fully integrating the DB2 enterprise dataserver they have grown to trust."
Enterprises are increasingly choosing open source LAMP as the preferred platform for writing service-oriented applications and integrating back-end services. ActiveGrid is the industry's most mature "rapid application development" (RAD) environment for the LAMP platform -- taking a position similar to that of Visual Basic and PowerBuilder when they revolutionized the last wave of enterprise client/server application development.
ActiveGrid is one of the fastest-growing and most powerful solutions for building and deploying service-oriented applications that integrate with existing services and dataservers in the enterprise. ActiveGrid allows developers to build rich user interface AJAX applications that are service- aware, and service-connected to communicate with Web services natively.
"Most Fortune 1000 enterprises find an open source platform intriguing, but some companies might not feel comfortable adopting the full LAMP stack. For example, some companies may choose to use Linux, Apache Server, and PHP or Python, but retain a commercial dataserver," said Anne Thomas Manes, Vice President and Research Director at Burton Group. "Fortunately, LAMP is not an all-or-nothing proposition. Enterprises can run some of their IT on open source, while keeping best-of-breed proprietary solutions for others."
ActiveGrid will seamlessly support IBM DB2 Express-C in its Enterprise LAMP platform and IBM and ActiveGrid will promote the joint solution with their respective user communities.

About ActiveGrid
ActiveGrid, the Enterprise LAMP company, provides a service-oriented application platform built on the lightweight architecture of the proven LAMP software infrastructure stack. ActiveGrid Enterprise LAMP simplifies and speeds the development of service-oriented applications that weave together existing enterprise systems into new rich web applications and services. ActiveGrid Enterprise LAMP applications can be flexibly deployed on grids of commodity machines or at virtually any ISP.

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