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I just installed SUSE 10. 1 a couple of days ago and have been playing with updates and configuration, so thought I'd post my experience with this new release. I have to say that I'm extremely please with 10.

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I just installed SUSE 10.1 a couple of days ago and have been playing with updates and configuration, so thought I'd post my experience with this new release.
I have to say that I'm extremely please with 10.1, having used the previous two versions of the distro. The basic hardware here is: AMD XP3000+, 1 GB PC2700 RAM, SATA RAID0 (softraid), nVidia FX5200 AGP video card (128M), MSI KT6V motherboard.
The install was familiar, however there are a few more choices to be made during the install. I use KDE desktop but also install GNOME.
All hardware was correctly recognized by SUSE, as always. I did have to manually install the nVidia driver, which was easy to do, since it is no longer included with SUSE.
My HP Officejet 6210 multi-function printer was properly identified and through YAST I set up the scanner function, which worked the first time with SANE.
Since the YAST updater was broken when SUSE 10.1 was released, I downloaded the GURU version of SMART, which includes the necessary update sources. I'm not familiar with SMART, however it was quite easy to perform the updates. Yesterday (9 June), there were several YAST updates through SMART. Once installed, YAST began to work perfectly! Apparently, Novell has resolved the YAST issues. KDE updates are no longer available through YAST, but are included in the GURU SMART package. I updated KDE to the latest, which fixed a minor issue with the screensaver not starting. I'm still waiting to get GNOME updates.
The only issue I have with SUSE 10.1 is Evolution email recognizing my Sony CLIE PDA for sync purposes. This always worked fine with previous versions of SUSE. I can see the PDA being recognized in usbview and in hardware, but it just won't connect in Evolution. I have noticed other posts on forums indicating the same problem, so perhaps there will be an update to Evolution or GNOME to resolve it.
Likewise, I have noticed many install complaints on forums, using SUSE 10.1. It is my personal belief that most of these problems are due to either bad downloads or bad burns. I purchased SUSE 10.1 directly from Novell, so I have the boxed edition, with the printed manual. In any case, the install was flawless, using the Novell provided DVD.
All audio and video players are working, after running the GURU and PACKMAN updates. Microsoft TrueType fonts are no longer included in SUSE, but easily located as an RPM and installed in a few seconds.
I'm looking forward to trying some of the new features in SUSE 10.1, but have been just playing with basic configurations and such, while checking out this new version. So far, not really any complaints and the stability is wonderful!

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there is no sound on my suse 10.1
are GURU and PACKMAN updates the required drivers for the sound


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Please look at the other thread that you posted on about the same issue for a response. Try and keep your problem posted under one thread, so that you don't get multiple folks responding and potentially asking the same questions, or giving the same answers. If you decide to respond on this thread, post the information asked for. Then zenarcher, or anybody else can answer your questions more completely, with all information at hand.