New to linux. Having problem with install mandrake 9.2. :(

Let me just tell u what i've done so far. I downloaded the iso image with get-right and burned the image to a cd/R with the latest version of nero. I didn't check it with md5sum because i dont know how to, but i'm assuming the download was good.

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Let me just tell u what i've done so far. I downloaded the iso image with get-right and burned the image to a cd/R with the latest version of nero.
I didn't check it with md5sum because i dont know how to, but i'm assuming the download was good. I restart my comp and run it.
It asks me to press "f1" for options or press "enter" for installation.
I press "enter". I dont get very far after i press "enter" because i get an error when its searching for something. The error says something like "hdd5 inturrupt" or something like that. I'm really confused. Can someone help me to set up my bios. By the way what is "bios". hmm...
Or should i just quit 9.2 and try 9.0. I heard it was good. Can someone please shed some light on this.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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It sounds like you have done some research already. what is it that you want to do with the bios? Withoou knowing what system you have )which nios you are using) depends how you access the bios and change things.
First, please give some information about your system and if you are running any other Operating System. Giving information like what system you are running, eg; how much ram, hard drive size, what motherboard or system name model, do you want this to be a dual boot system...helps us troubleshoot what may be going on.
Secondly, you should make sure that the burn was OK. A common problem with burning ISO images is to burn them too fast. What speed did you burn the image at? Generally, you want to burn each ISO at 8X or less. At the very least check to see if the downloaded ISO images file sizes match, or closely match, the sizes posted on the download site.
I have to agree, that in many systems, mandrake 9.0 seems like a better choice, in terms of features and ease of use.


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It has been my experience that the only thing you really get with 9.1 and 9.2 is just better eye candy. I know others experiences may be different than mine, but in every other way, the latest two versions for me were just a big disappointment from 9.0. Though not quite as pretty, 9.0 is far more stable, and gives far less problems on the install.


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I am trying this installation out first on a dummy computer, beacause i'm afraid i might mess my other one up.
first comp: compaq pentium 1 Running window$ 98 300mhz 64mb ram close to 9gig hard drive No dual boot i just want this to run linux.
Sorry, i dont know what motherboard. Where can i find out?
second comp: sony vaio PCV-RX881 Running XP 2.66ghz pentium 4 512mb ram 120GB hard drive 64mb nVidia Geforce 4 graphics card
I burnt the iso image at 8X using nero 6 and checked the size of download. The size posted was 652mb myne was 651mb when finished.
Thank You for your help.


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Chacking MD5s is a good safety habit to get into, and of course it's easier in Linux. MD5 checksums work because it is believed that no two files when pushed through the MD5 algorythm (used in encryption) will ever arrive at the same value so the sums make a great way to compare copies of a version of software that you want to be certain you have completely downloaded or have legitimate version of. As I said in linux, checking the sums is easy, but for Windows, I've used FastSum sucessfully.
The Mandrake MD5 sums are on the download page here and to use,
Install FastSum,
Copy the executable onto your desktop (or wherever you download to)
Get to a command prompt (Start > Run... Type in 'Command' - in XP.)
then type something like

fsum Mandrake92-cd1-inst.i586.iso
and you should get the reply (for this file) 40c8812dce7b9f8fb0a3b364af62b974
Compare this with the list of MD5 sums on the Mandrake Website and you can be assured that the file is as Mandrake intended it to be. I imagine MD5sum is similar.
If you are really paranoid, you can download from a completely different mirror on the other side of the world! and fsum that too, to check that the first one was OK, but what a waste of bandwidth


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Had the exact same problem, done some reading and came up with the solution.
When your linux cd boots up press f1 for more options, then simply enter at the command line "expert noapic" will get you up and running in no time
P.S. you can also use the command "linux noapic" almost forgot..


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It sounds like a bad CD. Another way of checking these sums is to use Md5summer. I have been using it for more than a dozen iso's. You can find it here:
To use it, download it then install on Windows. Download the md5sum files from the place you download the iso. (If the md5sum file is ascii text, change the extension to ".md5". Some will already have this extension.) Once you have both the sum files and the iso's in the same directory, double click on the md5sum file. Md5summer will open the file, find the iso name in it, then will check the iso to create a sum. It will check the iso sum and compare it to the sum in the md5 file. If there is a difference between the two sums, it will indicate the error. If no error is generated, the iso is OK. 8)


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Try the, although it's an shareware, but the "Checksum Calc" function works always and allows to calculate the checksum not only for single file, but also for entire drive, CD after burning for example.