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Warren has announced Beta5 of SimplyMEPIS 32 and 64. Xorg 7.1 and lots of new drivers make this release Beryl-ready.

Warren Woodford of MEPIS reports "I thought we were almost done when everything lined up, all at once, for us to make this leap forward. The changes are so profound that I've revised the version number to 6.5. A 6.0 user can still upgrade fully to the new release and SimplyMEPIS still relies 80% on Dapper packages, but the rest are now provided by MEPIS amd maintained by MEPIS. During the coming week we will be integrating Beryl to work the MEPIS way. Users will have the option of running Beryl or not.

Xorg 7.1 and New Drivers Make SimplyMEPIS Beta 5 3D Ready