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A new XanMod Linux Kernel based on Linux Kernel 6.7.1 has been released. XanMod is a general-purpose Linux kernel distribution with custom settings and new features. The real-time version is recommended for critical runtime applications such as Linux gaming eSports, streaming, live productions and ultra-low latency enthusiasts.

Linux 6.7.1-xanmod1

XanMod is a general-purpose Linux kernel distribution with custom settings and new features. Built to provide a stable, responsive and smooth desktop experience.

The real-time version is recommended for critical runtime applications such as Linux gaming eSports, streaming, live productions and ultra-low latency enthusiasts.

Supports all recent 64-bit versions of Debian and Ubuntu-based systems.

Main Features

  • Preemptive Full Tickless Kernel at 500Hz w/ Tuned CPU Core Scheduler.
  • RCU Boost for better responsiveness and lower overall system latency.
  • Block Layer w/ multi-threaded runqueue for high I/O throughput.
  • Caching, Virtual Memory Manager and CPUFreq Governor improvements.
  • BBR TCP Congestion Control + FQ-PIE Packet Scheduling and AQM Algorithm [5.8].
  • ORC Unwinder for Kernel Stack Traces (debuginfo) implementation.
  • Third-party patchset available: ZSTD kernel, initrd and modules support [5.8][5.6-rt], Full x86_64 FSGSBASE instructions [5.8], Clear Linux [partial], CK's Hrtimer Patchset [5.8][5.4], Wine / Proton Fsync, PCIe ACS Override, BMQ Process Scheduler [5.4 stock disabled], Aufs [5.4] and GCC graysky's.
  • Real-time Linux kernel (PREEMPT_RT) build available [5.6-rt][5.4-rt].
  • Generic kernel package for compatibility with most Debian & Ubuntu based distributions. Built on the latest GCC 10.2 and Binutils 2.35.
  • GPLv2 license. Can be built for any distribution or purpose.

Install via Terminal

echo 'deb releases main' | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/xanmod-kernel.list && wget -qO - | sudo apt-key add -

Then update and install:

sudo apt update && sudo apt install linux-xanmod


Meta packages available: linux-xanmodlinux-xanmod-edgelinux-xanmod-ltslinux-xanmod-rt-edge and linux-xanmod-rt.

To try without adding the repository

Download from Sourceforge and install:

  1. In terminal:
    sudo dpkg -i linux-image-*xanmod*.deb linux-headers-*xanmod*.deb
  2. Reboot.
  • Check it:
    cat /proc/version
* linux-firmware-image package is optional

Linux 6.7.1-xanmod1

  • 4c0ebd4 Linux 6.7.1-xanmod1
  • 41f1520 Merge tag 'v6.7.1' into 6.7
  • a91fdae Linux 6.7.1
  • 0f91df0 mm/memory_hotplug: fix memmap_on_memory sysfs value retrieval
  • f7f4ff5 docs: fix potential command injection
  • 2f2eb48 scripts/ optionally use LLVM utilities
  • a6d3eb9 coresight: etm4x: Fix width of CCITMIN field
  • 2498b0b PCI: Add ACS quirk for more Zhaoxin Root Ports
  • 54a298f leds: ledtrig-tty: Free allocated ttyname buffer on deactivate
  • dc927d3 parport: parport_serial: Add Brainboxes device IDs and geometry
  • 2d4b32c parport: parport_serial: Add Brainboxes BAR details
  • 9132059 uio: Fix use-after-free in uio_open
  • 9eae760 binder: fix comment on binder_alloc_new_buf() return value
  • 220f3a3 binder: fix trivial typo of binder_free_buf_locked()
  • e074686 binder: fix use-after-free in shinker's callback
  • 4a6eefb binder: use EPOLLERR from eventpoll.h
  • 0de40f7 Revert "md/raid5: Wait for MD_SB_CHANGE_PENDING in raid5d"
  • 68f9b09 ksmbd: free ppace array on error in parse_dacl
  • 4f66385 ksmbd: don't allow O_TRUNC open on read-only share
  • f90fb3a drm/amd/display: Pass pwrseq inst for backlight and ABM
  • dc272a4 bus: moxtet: Add spi device table
  • ba0bc8b bus: moxtet: Mark the irq as shared
  • e848c4b ACPI: resource: Add another DMI match for the TongFang GMxXGxx
  • 2b12fe9 ALSA: hda: cs35l41: Support more HP models without _DSD
  • 8a975bf ALSA: hda/realtek: Fix mute and mic-mute LEDs for HP Envy X360 13-ay0xxx
  • 6f33a31 ALSA: hda/realtek: enable SND_PCI_QUIRK for Lenovo Legion Slim 7 Gen 8 (2023) serie
  • 5761459 ALSA: hda: Add driver properties for cs35l41 for Lenovo Legion Slim 7 Gen 8 serie
  • 40a3bf7 ALSA: hda: cs35l41: Prevent firmware load if SPI speed too low
  • fdcf368 ALSA: hda: cs35l41: Support additional Dell models without _DSD
  • ba4593e ALSA: hda/realtek: Add quirks for Dell models
  • f6c30bf f2fs: explicitly null-terminate the xattr list


Download Linux 6.7.1-xanmod1 source from GitHub