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Alexandre Julliard has announced the release of a new Wine development release. This version includes a number of new updates, including support for SLTG-format typelibs in widl, exception handling on ARM64EC, enhancements to Minidump support, and different bug fixes.

Wine release 9.5

The Wine development release 9.5 is now available.

What's new in this release:
- Initial SLTG-format typelib support in widl.
- Exception handling on ARM64EC.
- Improvements to Minidump support.
- Various bug fixes.

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Wine is available thanks to the work of many people. See the file [AUTHORS][1] for the complete list.



 ### Bugs fixed in 9.5 (total 27):

- #25207 SHFileOperation does not create new directory on FO_MOVE
- #29523 CDBurnerXP hangs on right-clicking empty space in the file browser
- #40613 Multiple applications require UAC implementation to run installer/app as a normal user instead of administrator (WhatsApp Desktop, Smartflix, Squirrel Installers, OneDrive)
- #44514 Elder Scrolls Online (Dragon Bones update) requires more than 32 samplers in pixel shaders with D3D11 renderer
- #45862 Multiple applications need MFCreateSinkWriterFromURL() implementation (Overwatch highlights, RadiAnt DICOM Viewer, Grand Theft Auto V Rockstar Editor)
- #48085 Wine error trying to install Mono after a version update
- #51957 Program started via HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\App Paths should also be started if extension ".exe" is missing
- #52352 YI Home installer crashes on unimplemented urlmon.dll.414
- #52622 windows-rs 'lib' test crashes on unimplemented function d3dcompiler_47.dll.D3DCreateLinker
- #53613 Visual novel RE:D Cherish! logo video and opening movie does not play
- #53635 Alune Klient 14.03.2022 crashes on unimplemented function urlmon.dll.414
- #54155 WeCom (aka WeChat Work) 4.x failed to launch.
- #55421 Fallout Tactics launcher has graphics glitches
- #55876 Acrom Controller Updater broken due to oleaut32 install
- #56318 Totem Arts Launcher.exe does not open
- #56367 Tomb Raider 3 GOG crashes at start
- #56379 d2d1 unable to build
- #56380 Rocket League crashes with Wine 9.3 after BakkesMod (trainer app) injects into the game
- #56400 SSPI authentication does not work when connecting to sql server
- #56406 wineserver crashes in set_input_desktop()
- #56411 Failure to build wine 9.4 due to EGL 64-bit development files not found
- #56433 QQ8.9.6 Installer crashes at very beginning due to a change in server/process.c
- #56434 WScript.Network does not implement UserName, ComputerName, and UserDomain properties
- #56435 capture mouse dont work in virtual desktop (work on wine 9.3)
- #56445 d3d1-9 applications run out of memory after f6a1844dbe (ArmA: Cold War Assault, Final Fantasy XI Online, Far Cry 3)
- #56450 Non-input USB HID devices stopped working in 9.1
- #56458 ntdll tests skipped on win7 & win8: missing entry point kernel32.RtlPcToFileHeader

### Changes since 9.4:
Akihiro Sagawa (2):
dsound/tests: Add tests for implicit MTA creation in IDirectSound::Initialize().
dsound: Initialize MTA in IDirectSound::Initialize().

Alexandre Julliard (42):
configure: Check the correct variable for the Wayland EGL library.
ntdll: Implement RtlRestoreContext on ARM64EC.
ntdll: Implement RtlWalkFrameChain on x86-64.
ntdll: Implement RtlWalkFrameChain on i386.
ntdll: Implement RtlWalkFrameChain on ARM.
ntdll: Implement RtlWalkFrameChain on ARM64.
ntdll: Implement RtlWalkFrameChain on ARM64EC.
ntdll: Export RtlVirtualUnwind2 and RtlWalkFrameChain.
ntdll: Share RtlCaptureStackBackTrace implementation across platforms.
secur32/tests: Update count for new certificate.
ws2_32/tests: Fix a couple of failures on Windows.
include: Define setjmpex prototype even when it's a builtin.
ntdll/tests: Directly link to setjmp().
ntdll/tests: Fix a backtrace test failure on Windows ARM64.
ntdll: Add test for non-volatile regs in consolidated unwinds.
ntdll: Port the RtlRestoreContext test to ARM64.
ntdll: Port the RtlRestoreContext test to ARM.
ntdll: Implement RtlUnwindEx on ARM64EC.
ntdll: Move __C_specific_handler implementation to unwind.c.
ntdll: Implement __C_specific_handler on ARM64EC.
ntdll: Always use SEH support on ARM64.
ntdll/tests: Skip segment register tests on ARM64EC.
ntdll/tests: Fix debug register tests on ARM64EC.
ntdll/tests: Fix a few more test failures on ARM64EC.
ntdll: Implement RtlGetCallersAddress.
kernelbase: Remove no longer needed DllMainCRTStartup function.
include: Add some new error codes.
include: Add some new status codes.
ntdll: Add mappings for more status codes.
jscript: Use the correct facility for JScript errors.
netprofm: Use the correct symbols for error codes.
msvcrt: Use floating point comparison builtins also in MSVC mode.
ntdll/tests: Fix exception address checks in child process on ARM64EC.
ntdll/tests: Update the KiUserExceptionDispatcher test for ARM64EC.
configure: Don't build wow64 support in non-PE builds.
wow64: Use a .seh handler in raise_exception().
wow64: Always use a .seh handler in cpu_simulate().
wow64: Access the BTCpuSimulate backend function pointer directly.
wow64: Use a .seh handler for system calls.
wow64cpu: Save non-volatile registers before switching to 32-bit code.
wow64: Use setjmp/longjmp from ntdll.
server: Add a helper to trace uint64 arrays.

Alexandros Frantzis (5):
winewayland.drv: Implement wglCreateContextAttribsARB.
winewayland.drv: Implement wglShareLists.
winewayland.drv: Implement wgl(Get)SwapIntervalEXT.
win32u: Cancel auto-repeat only if the repeat key is released.
win32u: Cancel previous key auto-repeat when starting a new one.

Andrew Nguyen (3):
ddraw: Reserve extra space in the reference device description buffer.
oleaut32: Bump version resource to Windows 10.
ddraw: Release only valid texture parents on ddraw_texture_init failure.

Andrew Wesie (1):
wined3d: Use bindless textures for GLSL shaders if possible.

Brendan McGrath (5):
comdlg32: Use values from DeviceCapabilities in combobox.
comdlg32: Add resolutions to PRINTDLG_ChangePrinterW.
comdlg32: Populate printer name on the print dialogs.
comdlg32: Use ANSI functions in ANSI WMCommandA.
comdlg32: Don't treat cmb1 as the printer list unless in PRINT_SETUP.

Brendan Shanks (6):
ntdll: Remove support for msg_accrights FD passing.
server: Remove support for msg_accrights FD passing.
mountmgr: Replace sprintf with snprintf to avoid deprecation warnings on macOS.
mountmgr: Replace some malloc/sprintf/strcpy calls with asprintf.
opengl32: Replace sprintf with snprintf/asprintf to avoid deprecation warnings on macOS.
secur32: Replace sprintf with snprintf to avoid deprecation warnings on macOS.

Daniel Lehman (2):
oleaut32/tests: Add tests for GetSizeMax after dirty flag cleared.
oleaut32: Return success from GetSizeMax if not dirty.

David Gow (1):
evr/dshow: Support NV12 in evr_render.

David Heidelberg (2):
d3d9/tests: Replace LPDWORD cast with float_to_int function.
mailmap: Add a mailmap entry for myself with the proper name.

Dmitry Timoshkov (6):
d2d1: Make some strings const.
wineps.drv: Return default resolution if PPD doesn't provide the list of supported resolutions.
kerberos: Allocate memory for the output token if requested.
comctl32/tests: Add more tests for IImageList2 interface.
comctl32: Implement IImageList2::Initialize().
widl: Add initial implementation of SLTG typelib generator.

Eric Pouech (18):
include: Update minidumpapiset.h.
dbghelp/tests: Add tests for minidumps.
dbghelp/tests: Add tests about generated memory chunks.
dbghelp/tests: Add tests about minidump's callback.
dbghelp/tests: Test exception information in minidump.
dbghelp/tests: Add tests for function table lookup.
dbghelp: Use an intermediate buffer in SymFunctionTableAccess (x86_64).
dbghelp: Don't write minidump from running thread.
dbghelp: Simplify thread info generation in minidump.
dbghelp: Add support for V2 unwind info (x86_64).
winedbg: Fallback to PE image when reading memory (minidump).
winedbg: Reload module without virtual flag.
dbghelp: No longer embed unwind information in minidump (x86_64).
winedbg: Add ability to set executable name.
winedbg: Extend 'attach' command to load minidump files.
winedbg: Flush expr buffer upon internal exception.
winedbg: Update the CPU information displayed when reloading a minidump.
winedbg: Don't reload a minidump for a different machine.

Esme Povirk (7):
user32/tests: Accept HCBT_ACTIVATE in TrackPopupMenu.
gdiplus: Check bounding box in GdipIsVisibleRegionPoint.
user32/tests: Add another missing message for TrackPopupMenu.
gdiplus/tests: Region bounds aren't rounded.
gdiplus: Calculate region bounding box without generating HRGN.
user32/tests: Accept WM_ACTIVATE in TrackPopupMenu.
user32/tests: Further updates for win11 TrackPopupMenu failures.

Gabriel Iv?ncescu (1):
shell32: Construct the proper path target for UnixFolder.

Giovanni Mascellani (1):
d2d1: Compile the pixel shader with D3DCompile().

Hans Leidekker (3):
dnsapi/tests: Skip tests if no CNAME records are returned.
ntdll/tests: Fix a test failure.
ntdll/tests: Load NtMakeTemporaryObject() dynamically.

Henri Verbeet (1):
wined3d: Do not check the input signature element count for sm4+ shaders in shader_spirv_compile_arguments_init().

Jacek Caban (2):
configure: Don't explicitly enable -Wenum-conversion on Clang.
widl: Always close parsed input file.

Jinoh Kang (10):
tools/gitlab: Run make_specfiles before building.
ntdll/tests: Add tests for OBJ_PERMANENT object attribute.
ntdll/tests: Add tests for NtMakeTemporaryObject.
server: Generalize server request make_temporary to set_object_permanence.
ntdll: Implement NtMakePermanentObject.
ntdll/tests: Don't import kernel32.RtlPcToFileHeader.
Revert "ntdll/tests: Load NtMakeTemporaryObject() dynamically."
server: Check for DELETE access in NtMakeTemporaryObject().
kernelbase: Open object with DELETE access for NtMakeTemporaryObject().
gitlab: Output collapsible section markers in test stage script.

Kyrylo Babikov (1):
dbghelp: Fix PDB processing using the FPO stream instead of FPOEXT.

Louis Lenders (1):
shell32: Try appending .exe when looking up an App Paths key.

Marcus Meissner (1):
ntdll/tests: Fix size passed to GetModuleFileNameW.

Mark Jansen (1):
kernel32/tests: Add tests for job object accounting.

Nikolay Sivov (16):
include: Add ID2D1Factory7 definition.
include: Add ID2D1DeviceContext6 definition.
d3dcompiler: Set correct compilation target for effects profiles.
d3dcompiler: Wrap fx_4_x output in a dxbc container.
d3d10/tests: Add a small effect compilation test.
wshom/network: Use TRACE() for implemented method.
wshom/network: Implement GetTypeInfo().
wshom/network: Implement ComputerName() property.
wshom/network: Check pointer argument in get_UserName().
d3dx10/tests: Remove todo's from now passing tests.
d3d10_1/tests: Remove todo from now passing test.
wshom/network: Implement UserDomain property.
msxml6/tests: Add some tests for MXWriter60.
msxml/tests: Move some of the validation tests to their modules.
msxml/tests: Move version-specific schema tests to corresponding modules.
include: Remove XMLSchemaCache60 from msxml2.idl.

Noah Berner (1):
advapi32/tests: Add todo_wine to tests that are currently failing.

Paul Gofman (11):
imm32: Set lengths to 0 for NULL strings in ImmSetCompositionString().
cryptowinrt: Force debug info in critical sections.
diasymreader: Force debug info in critical sections.
dsdmo: Force debug info in critical sections.
qasf: Force debug info in critical sections.
services: Force debug info in critical sections.
explorer: Force debug info in critical sections.
ntdll: Only allocate debug info in critical sections with RTL_CRITICAL_SECTION_FLAG_FORCE_DEBUG_INFO.
server: Ignore some ICMP-originated socket errors for connectionless sockets.
strmbase: Fallback to InitializeCriticalSection() if RTL_CRITICAL_SECTION_FLAG_FORCE_DEBUG_INFO is unsupported.
ntdll: Don't use debug info presence to detect critical section global status.

Pavel Ondra?ka (1):
d3d9/tests: Define enums outside of struct.

Piotr Caban (6):
ntdll: Workaround sendmsg bug on macOS.
winedump: Fix REG_DWORD dumping with no data.
advapi32/tests: Merge RegLoadKey and RegUnLoadKey tests.
advapi32/tests: Remove all files created by RegLoadKey tests.
advapi32/tests: Test if modifications are saved in RegUnLoadKey.
advapi32/tests: Remove all files created by RegLoadAppKey tests.

Robin Kertels (1):
d3d9/tests: Skip desktop window tests if device creation fails.

R?mi Bernon (74):
win32u: Move D3DKMT functions to a new d3dkmt.c source.
win32u: Move D3DKMT VidPn* functions out of winex11.
win32u: Add an adapter struct to the device manager context.
win32u: Split writing monitor to registry to a separate helper.
win32u: Get rid of the monitor display_device.
win32u: Get rid of the monitor state_flags.
win32u: Get rid of the adapter display_device.
win32u: Get rid of the monitor flags.
win32u: Enumerate monitors from their device keys.
mfreadwrite/reader: Handle MF_E_TRANSFORM_STREAM_CHANGE results.
win32u: Fix incorrect ascii key name in get_config_key.
winevulkan: Use an rb_tree and allocate entries for handle mappings.
winevulkan: Use a single allocation for device and queues.
winevulkan: Pass VkDeviceQueueCreateInfo to wine_vk_device_init_queues.
winevulkan: Rename wine_vk_physical_device_alloc parameters and variables.
winevulkan: Use a single allocation for instance and physical devices.
winevulkan: Get rid of the wine_vk_device_free helper.
winevulkan: Simplify wine_vk_instance_free helper.
winevulkan: Add handle mappings on creation success only.
winevulkan: Get rid of the wine_vk_instance_free helper.
mfplat/tests: Test each VIDEOINFOHEADER field conversion separately.
mfplat/mediatype: Implement implicit MFInitMediaTypeFromVideoInfoHeader subtype.
mfplat/mediatype: Implement MFInitMediaTypeFromVideoInfoHeader2.
mfplat/tests: Add tests for MFInitMediaTypeFromVideoInfoHeader2.
mfplat/mediatype: Implement MFInitAMMediaTypeFromMFMediaType for FORMAT_VideoInfo2.
mfplat/tests: Test aperture to VIDEOINFOHEADER fields mapping.
mfplat/mediatype: Support FORMAT_VideoInfo2 in MFInitMediaTypeFromAMMediaType.
mfplat/mediatype: Set MF_MT_SAMPLE_SIZE from bmiHeader.biSizeImage.
mfplat/mediatype: Map rcSource to MF_MT_(PAN_SCAN|MINIMUM_DISPLAY)_APERTURE.
mfplat/mediatype: Set rcSource and rcTarget if stride differs from width.
mfplat/tests: Add more MFAverageTimePerFrameToFrameRate tests.
mfplat: Support flexible frame time in MFAverageTimePerFrameToFrameRate.
mfplat/mediatype: Implement MF_MT_FRAME_RATE from VIDEOINFOHEADER2.
mfplat/mediatype: Implement VIDEOINFOHEADER2 dwControlFlags conversion.
mfplat/mediatype: Implement some VIDEOINFOHEADER2 dwInterlaceFlags conversion.
mfplat/tests: Test that aperture is dropped with VIDEOINFOHEADER2.
mfplat/tests: Test that MFCreateMFVideoFormatFromMFMediaType appends user data.
mfplat/mediatype: Append user data in MFCreateMFVideoFormatFromMFMediaType.
mfplat/tests: Check the conditions for the MFVideoFlag_BottomUpLinearRep flags.
mfplat/mediatype: Stub MFInitMediaTypeFromMFVideoFormat.
mfplat/tests: Add tests for MFInitMediaTypeFromMFVideoFormat.
mfplat/mediatype: Implement MFInitMediaTypeFromMFVideoFormat.
winebus: Add HID usages in the device descriptor when possible.
winebus: Read hidraw device usages from their report descriptors.
winebus: Prefer hidraw for everything that is not a game controller.
winebus: Remove devices that are ignored wrt hidraw preferences.
winevulkan: Allow only one vulkan surface at a time for an HWND.
win32u: Avoid a crash when cleaning up a monitor without an adapter.
winegstreamer: Release sink caps in the error path.
winegstreamer: Append an optional parser before decoders.
mfplat/tests: Add some broken results for Win7.
mfplat/tests: Test initializing mediatype from AAC WAVEFORMATEXTENSIBLE.
mfplat/tests: Check how AAC attributes are copied from user data.
mfplat/mediatype: Check format pointers and sizes in MFInitMediaTypeFromAMMediaType.
mfplat/mediatype: Support audio major type in MFInitMediaTypeFromAMMediaType.
mfplat/mediatype: Force WAVEFORMATEXTENSIBLE in MFCreateWaveFormatExFromMFMediaType in some cases.
mfplat/mediatype: Implement MFCreateMediaTypeFromRepresentation.
mfplat/mediatype: Use MFCreateWaveFormatExFromMFMediaType in init_am_media_type_audio_format.
ntoskrnl.exe: Open symbolic link with DELETE before making them temporary.
server: Avoid removing thread twice from its desktop thread list.
winex11: Accept key and mouse events with QS_RAWINPUT.
server: Send WM_WINE_CLIPCURSOR message only when necessary.
server: Send WM_WINE_SETCURSOR message only when necessary.
win32u: Use a structure to pass peek_message arguments.
server: Check for internal hardware messages before others.
server: Process internal messages when checking queue status.
user32/tests: Add missing winetest_pop_context.
user32/tests: Add some LoadKeyboardLayoutEx tests.
winemac: Use SONAME_LIBVULKAN as an alias for MoltenVK.
win32u: Move vulkan loading and init guard out of the drivers.
win32u: Move vkGet(Instance|Device)ProcAddr out the drivers.
winevulkan: Stop generating the wine/vulkan_driver.h header.
win32u: Move vkGet(Device|Instance)ProcAddr helpers inline.
mfplat: Append MFVIDEOFORMAT user data after the structure padding.

Santino Mazza (2):
mf/test: Check the topologies id's in topo loader.
mf/topoloader: Preserve input topology id.

Vijay Kiran Kamuju (4):
include: Add Windows.UI.ViewManagement.UIViewSettings definitions.
urlmon: Add stub for ordinal 414.
d3dcompiler: Add D3DCreateLinker stub.
user32: Add LoadKeyboardLayoutEx stub.

Yuxuan Shui (8):
shell32/tests: Check FindExecutable is looking in the correct current directory.
shell32/tests: Check ShellExecute is looking in the correct current directory.
shell32: PathResolve(file, NULL, ...) should not look in the current directory.
shell32: Make sure PathResolve can find files in the current directory.
shell32: PathResolve should be able to find files that already have extensions.
shell32: PathResolve should remove trailing dot.
shell32: Fix FindExecutable search path.
shell32: Rely solely on SHELL_FindExecutable for ShellExecute.

Zebediah Figura (12):
ntdll: Assign a primary token in elevate_token().
d3d9/tests: Remove a no longer accurate comment.
d3d11/tests: Add a test for using a large number of SRV resources.
wined3d: Rename the shader_select_compute method to shader_apply_compute_state.
wined3d: Move checking shader_update_mask to shader_glsl_apply_compute_state().
shell32/tests: Remove obsolete workarounds from test_move().
quartz: Implement SetVideoClippingWindow() and PresentImage() in the VMR7 presenter.
quartz: Reimplement the VMR7 using the VMR7 presenter.
quartz: Implement IVMRSurfaceAllocatorNotify::AdviseSurfaceAllocator().
quartz: Return S_OK from IVMRSurfaceAllocator_PrepareSurface().
quartz/tests: Add some tests for VMR7 renderless mode.
wined3d: Avoid leaking string buffers in shader_glsl_load_bindless_samplers().

Zhenbo Li (1):
shell32: Create nonexistent destination directories in FO_MOVE.

Zhiyi Zhang (5):
mfreadwrite: Fix a memory leak (Coverity).
win32u: Support HiDPI for the non-client close button in WS_EX_TOOLWINDOW windows.
win32u: Fix a possible condition that makes EnumDisplayMonitors() not reporting any monitors.
win32u: Don't enumerate mirrored monitor clones for GetSystemMetrics(SM_CMONITORS).
win32u: Don't enumerate mirrored monitor clones when unnecessary.