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The release of the Wine 9.3 development release has been announced by Alexandre Julliard. This release includes improvements to Internet Proxy support, a new HID pointer device driver, a timezone database update, exception fixes for ARM platforms, and various bug fixes.

Wine 9.3

The Wine development release 9.3 is now available.

What's new in this release:
- Improvements to Internet Proxy support.
- New HID pointer device driver.
- Timezone database update.
- More exception fixes on ARM platforms.
- Various bug fixes.

The source is available at 

Binary packages for various distributions will be available

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Wine is available thanks to the work of many people. See the file [AUTHORS][1] for the complete list.



 ### Bugs fixed in 9.3 (total 23):

- #33050 FDM (Free Download Manager) crashes with page fault when any remote FTP directory opened
- #46070 Basemark Web 3.0 Desktop Launcher crashes
- #46263 Final Fantasy XI crashes after accepting EULA when using Ashita; World of Warships hangs at login screen
- #46839 Happy Foto Designer Font not found "Fehler (Code 1) [Font is not supported: Roboto]"
- #50643 IK Product Manager: Unable to download plugins
- #51458 Western Digital SSD Dashboard displays black screen
- #51599 cmd.exe incorrectly parses an all-whitespace line followed by a closing parenthesis
- #51813 python fatal error redirecting stdout to file
- #52064 Solidworks 2008 crashes on startup
- #52642 Virtual Life 2 freezes
- #54794 Autodesk Fusion360: New SSO login will not open web browser
- #55282 Flutter SDK can't find "aapt" program (where.exe is a stub)
- #55584 Possibly incorrect handling of end_c in ARM64 process_unwind_codes
- #55630 DPI_AWARENESS_CONTEXT_PER_MONITOR_AWARE_V2 is not handled in GetAwarenessFromDpiAwarenessContext
- #55810 Finding Nemo (Steam): window borders gone missing (virtual desktop)
- #55897 cpython 3.12.0 crashes due to unimplemented CopyFile2
- #56065 Missing GetAnycastIpAddressTable() implementation
- #56139 scrrun: Dictionary does not allow storing at key Undefined
- #56222 Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 (steam) needs unimplemented function GDI32.dll.D3DKMTEnumAdapters2
- #56244 SplashTop RMM client for Atera crashes on unimplemented function shcore.dll.RegisterScaleChangeNotifications
- #56273 [Sway] winewayland.drv: cursor does not work in Dead Island 2
- #56328 LMMS 1.2.2 SF2 soundfonts no longer work in Wine 9.1
- #56343 Multiple applications fail to start after de492f9a34

### Changes since 9.2:
Alex Henrie (8):
ntdll: Include alloc_type argument in NtMapViewOfSection(Ex) traces.
rpcrt4/tests: Use CRT allocation functions.
where: Implement search with default options.
include: Annotate NdrGetBuffer with __WINE_(ALLOC_SIZE|MALLOC).
wined3d: Use CRT allocation functions.
include: Add debugstr_time to wine/strmbase.h.
msxml3: Use CRT allocation functions.
advapi32/tests: Use CRT allocation functions.

Alexandre Julliard (51):
ntdll: Implement RtlLookupFunctionTable.
ntdll/tests: Don't use x86-64 assembly on ARM64EC.
include: Add some public exception handling structures.
ntdll: Move RtlLookupFunctionEntry() to the CPU backends.
ntdll: Move find_function_info() to the CPU backends.
ntdll: Move RtlAddFunctionTable() to the CPU backends.
ntdll: Support ARM64EC code in RtlLookupFunctionEntry.
ntdll: Make APCs alertable by default on ARM platforms.
ntdll: Move exception unwinding code to a separate file.
ntdll: Move the dynamic unwind tables to unwind.c.
ntdll: Move RtlUnwind to unwind.c.
ntdll: Implement RtlVirtualUnwind for ARM64EC.
winedump: Add dumping of the save_any_reg ARM64 unwind code.
ntdll: Add support for the save_any_reg ARM64 unwind code.
ntdll: Ignore end_c when processing ARM64 unwind codes.
ntdll: Don't count custom stack frames as part of the prolog on ARM64.
rpcrt4/tests: Fix some malloc/HeapAlloc mismatches.
ntdll/tests: Simplify testing of unwind register values on ARM64.
ntdll: Ignore home parameters saving when unwinding epilog on ARM64.
ntdll: Move ARM64 context conversion functions to a new header.
ntdll: Implement EC_CONTEXT unwinding operation on ARM64.
ntdll: Implement CLEAR_UNWOUND_TO_CALL unwinding operation on ARM64.
ntdll: Always set non-volatile pointers for ARM64 unwinding.
kernelbase: Update timezone data to version 2024a.
faudio: Import upstream release 24.02.
mpg123: Import upstream release 1.32.5.
png: Import upstream release 1.6.42.
jpeg: Import upstream release 9f.
zlib: Import upstream release 1.3.1.
lcms2: Import upstream release 2.16.
ldap: Import upstream release 2.5.17.
xslt: Import upstream release 1.1.39.
xml2: Import upstream release 2.11.7.
zydis: Import upstream release 4.1.0.
fluidsynth: Import upstream release 2.3.4.
ntdll/tests: Move unwinding tests to a separate file.
ntdll/tests: Run dynamic unwind tests on ARM platforms.
ntdll/tests: Run RtlVirtualUnwind tests on ARM64EC.
ntdll: Default to the SEH channel on x86-64.
ntdll: Add a helper macro to dump a register context.
ntdll: Share exception dispatch implementation across platforms.
include: Add new idl files to the makefile.
ntdll: Handle leaf functions in RtlVirtualUnwind on ARM64.
ntdll: Handle leaf functions in RtlVirtualUnwind on ARM.
ntdll: Handle leaf functions in RtlVirtualUnwind on x86-64.
ntdll: Remove support for unwinding ELF dlls on ARM.
configure: Stop passing ARM code generation options to winebuild.
configure: Require floating point support on ARM targets.
winegcc: Stop passing ARM code generation options to winebuild.
winebuild: Remove ARM code generation option.
ntdll/tests: Fix a test failure when exception information is missing.

Aurimas Fi?eras (2):
po: Update Lithuanian translation.
po: Update Lithuanian translation.

Bernhard ?belacker (4):
cmd: Handle lines with just spaces in bracket blocks.
cmd: Avoid execution if block misses closing brackets.
wininet: Add missing assignment of return value.
wininet: Avoid crash in InternetCreateUrl with scheme unknown.

Biswapriyo Nath (5):
include: Add IDirect3DSurface in
include: Add BitmapBuffer runtimeclass in
include: Add SoftwareBitmap runtimeclass in
include: Add DetectedFace runtimeclass in
include: Add FaceDetector runtimeclass in

Brendan McGrath (1):
d2d1/tests: Increase timeout from 1 sec to 5 secs.

Brendan Shanks (2):
ntdll: Assume process-private futexes are always present on Linux.
ntdll: On x86_64, don't access %gs in signal_start_thread().

Daniel Lehman (8):
oleaut32: Handle exponent in VarBstrFromR[48] in non-English locales.
oleaut32/tests: Add tests for number of digits.
oleaut32: Use scientific notation only for larger numbers in VarBstrFromR[48].
include: Add some msvcrt declarations.
msvcrt: Use string sort for strncoll/wcsncoll.
msvcrt/tests: Include locale in ok message.
msvcrt/tests: Add tests for strcoll/wcscoll.
msvcrt: Use string sort for strcoll/wcscoll.

David Kahurani (1):
msi: Avoid leaking stream on DB update.

Eric Pouech (11):
kernel32/tests: Add tests for CreateProcess with invalid handles.
kernelbase: Don't use INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE as std handle in CreateProcess.
msvcrt/tests: Extend test for invalid std handle on msvcrt init.
msvcrt: Don't reset invalid std handle in init.
kernel32/tests: Remove todo scaffolding for CreateProcess() tests.
winedump: Don't crash on non-effective runtime function entries.
kernel32/tests: Check if thread is suspended in debugger attachment tests.
winedbg: Use share attributes for opening command file.
dbghelp: Implement SymFromIndex().
winedump: Don't expect a fixed number of substreams in DBI header (PDB).
dbghelp: Don't expected a fixed number of substreams in DBI header (PDB).

Fabian Maurer (5):
user32/sysparams: Only allow dpi awareness tests to return invalid on windows.
user32/sysparams: Handle more contexts in GetAwarenessFromDpiAwarenessContext.
wineoss: Remove superflous check.
winealsa: Remove superflous check.
mmdevapi/tests: Add test for invalid format with exclusive mode.

Floris Renaud (1):
po: Update Dutch translation.

Gabriel Iv?ncescu (7):
jscript: Add initial implementation of ArrayBuffer.
jscript: Add initial implementation of DataView.
jscript: Implement DataView setters.
jscript: Implement DataView getters.
jscript: Implement ArrayBuffer.prototype.slice.
kernelbase: Copy the read-only attribute from the source.
explorer: Set layered style on systray icons before calling into the driver.

Geoffrey McRae (1):
include: Add interfaces for ID3D11On12Device1 and ID3D11On12Device2.

Hans Leidekker (1):
wbemprox: Protect tables with a critical section.

Ivo Ivanov (2):
hidclass.sys: Use the correct string for container_id.
hidclass.sys: Use HID_DEVICE in the mfg_section to match the recent changes.

Jacek Caban (7):
winebuild: Introduce exports struct.
winebuild: Use exports struct for imports handling.
winebuild: Use exports struct for 16-bit modules handlign.
winebuild: Use exports struct for exports handling.
winebuild: Use exports struct in assign_ordinals.
winebuild: Use exports struct in assign_names.
winebuild: Move target filtering to assign_exports.

Jinoh Kang (6):
ntdll: Remove stale comment from set_async_direct_result() documentation.
include: Add definition for FILE_STAT_INFORMATION.
ntdll/tests: Add tests for NtQueryInformationFile FileStatInformation.
ntdll: Implement NtQueryInformationFile FileStatInformation.
kernelbase: Replace FileAllInformation with FileStatInformation in GetFileInformationByHandle().
kernel32/tests: Fix console test with odd-sized consoles.

Kartavya Vashishtha (1):
kernelbase: Implement CopyFile2().

Krzysztof Bogacki (4):
gdi32/tests: Add D3DKMTEnumAdapters2 tests.
gdi32: Add D3DKMTEnumAdapters2() stub.
win32u: Maintain a list of GPUs in cache.
win32u: Implement NtGdiDdDDIEnumAdapters2.

Louis Lenders (1):
imm32: Update spec file.

Marc-Aurel Zent (4):
iphlpapi: Implement GetRTTAndHopCount().
server: Use __pthread_kill() syscall wrapper.
server: Use bootstrap_register2() instead of bootstrap_register().
server: Improve formatting in mach init_tracing_mechanism().

Mohamad Al-Jaf (5):
include: Add file. Add stub DLL. Add IOnlineIdSystemAuthenticatorStatics stub interface. Add IOnlineIdServiceTicketRequestFactory stub interface. Implement IOnlineIdSystemAuthenticatorStatics::get_Default().

Nikola Kuburovi? (1):
kernelbase: Reduce FIXME to TRACE if params is null.

Paul Gofman (29):
kernel32/tests: Add tests for critical section debug info presence.
strmbase: Force debug info in critical sections.
dmime: Force debug info in critical sections.
dmsynth: Force debug info in critical sections.
mapi32: Force debug info in critical sections.
propsys: Force debug info in critical sections.
rpcrt4: Force debug info in critical sections.
vcomp: Force debug info in critical sections.
webservices: Force debug info in critical sections.
ntdll: Don't hardcode xstate feature mask.
ntdll: Don't hardcode xstate size in syscall frame.
ntdll: Don't hardcode xstate size in exception stack layout.
powershell: Read input command from stdin.
winhttp: Force debug info in critical sections.
xaudio2: Force debug info in critical sections.
kernelbase: Force debug info in critical sections.
combase: Force debug info in critical sections.
crypt32: Force debug info in critical sections.
winhttp: Mind read size when skipping async read in WinHttpReadData().
dinput: Force debug info in critical sections.
dplayx: Force debug info in critical sections.
dsound: Force debug info in critical sections.
dwrite: Force debug info in critical sections.
inetcomm: Force debug info in critical sections.
mscoree: Force debug info in critical sections.
ntdll: Force debug info in critical sections.
qmgr: Force debug info in critical sections.
windowscodecs: Force debug info in critical sections.
wininet: Force debug info in critical sections.

Piotr Caban (20):
wininet: Store proxy type in proxyinfo_t.
wininet: Don't allocate global_proxy structure dynamically.
wininet: Move reading proxy settings from registry to separate function.
wininet: Return process-wide proxy settings from INTERNET_GetProxySettings.
wininet: Add support for reading AutoConfigURL from registry.
wininet: Store whole ProxyServer string so it's not lost while saving settings to registry.
wininet: Set ProxyOverride registry key when saving proxy information.
wininet: Set AutoConfigURL registry key when saving proxy information.
wininet: Test INTERNET_OPTION_PER_CONNECTION_OPTION on process settings.
wininet: Fix buffer size calculation in InternetQueryOption(INTERNET_OPTION_PER_CONNECTION_OPTION).
wininet: Use GlobalAlloc in InternetQueryOption(INTERNET_OPTION_PER_CONNECTION_OPTION).
wininet: Add support for writing connection settings binary blobs from registry.
wininet: Add support for reading connection settings binary blobs from registry.
wininet: Add support for INTERNET_PER_CONN_AUTOCONFIG_URL in InternetSetOption.
wininet: Fix INTERNET_PER_CONN_AUTOCONFIG_URL option when quering global proxy settings.
wininet: Add support for INTERNET_OPTION_PER_CONNECTION_OPTION option on session handles.
wininet/tests: Add more INTERNET_OPTION_PER_CONNECTION_OPTION tests.
inetcpl.cpl: Use wininet functions to set proxy settings.
wininet/tests: Add initial PAC script tests.

Rastislav Stanik (1):
iphlpapi: Add stub for GetAnycastIpAddressTable().

R?mi Bernon (45):
winex11: Process XInput2 events with QS_INPUT filter.
winex11: Advertise XInput2 version 2.2 support.
winex11: Initialize XInput2 extension on every thread.
winex11: Always listen to XInput2 device changes events.
winex11: Simplify XInput2 device valuator lookup.
hidclass: Make HID hardware ids more similar to windows.
hidclass: Only access Tail.Overlay.OriginalFileObject when needed.
mouhid.sys: Introduce a new HID pointer device driver.
mouhid.sys: Request preparsed data and inspect device caps.
mouhid.sys: Read reports from the underlying HID device.
mouhid.sys: Parse HID reports to track contact points.
mfreadwrite/reader: Introduce source_reader_queue_sample helper.
mfreadwrite/reader: Pass the transform to source_reader_pull_stream_samples.
mfreadwrite/reader: Introduce a new source_reader_allocate_stream_sample helper.
mfreadwrite/reader: Introduce new source_reader_(drain|flush)_transform_samples helpers.
mfreadwrite/reader: Repeat pushing / pulling samples while it succeeds.
winevulkan: Wrap host swapchain handles.
winevulkan: Adjust VkSurfaceCapabilitiesKHR image extents with client rect.
winewayland: Remove now unnecessary VkSurfaceCapabilitiesKHR fixups.
winevulkan: Implement vkGetPhysicalDeviceSurfaceCapabilities2KHR fallback.
winevulkan: Remove now unnecessary vkGetPhysicalDeviceSurfaceCapabilities2KHR driver entry.
winevulkan: Remove now unnecessary vkGetPhysicalDeviceSurfaceCapabilitiesKHR driver entry.
winegstreamer: Use MFCreateVideoMediaTypeFromSubtype in GetInputAvailableType.
winegstreamer: Use MFCreateVideoMediaTypeFromSubtype in GetOutputAvailableType.
winegstreamer: Remove unnecessary create_output_media_type checks.
winegstreamer: Use GUID arrays for H264 decoder media types.
winegstreamer: Complete H264 current output type reported attributes.
win32u: Deduce monitor device flags from their adapter.
win32u: Only consider active monitors for clone detection.
win32u: Only consider active monitors for virtual screen rect.
win32u: Only consider active monitors in monitor_from_rect.
win32u: Don't assume that the primary adapter is always first.
winegstreamer: Use MFCalculateImageSize to compute output info size.
ir50_32: Use the proper hr value for stream format change.
winegstreamer: Use the H264 decoder to implement the IV50 decoder.
winegstreamer: Rename struct h264_decoder to struct video_decoder.
winevulkan: Handle creation of surfaces with no HWND directly.
winex11: Remove now unnecessary create_info HWND checks.
winevulkan: Handle invalid window in vkCreateSwapchainKHR.
winevulkan: Handle invalid window in vkGetPhysicalDevicePresentRectanglesKHR.
winevulkan: Remove now unnecessary vkGetPhysicalDevicePresentRectanglesKHR driver entry.
winevulkan: Implement vkGetPhysicalDeviceSurfaceFormats2KHR fallback.
winevulkan: Remove now unnecessary vkGetPhysicalDeviceSurfaceFormats2KHR driver entry.
winevulkan: Remove now unnecessary vkGetPhysicalDeviceSurfaceFormatsKHR driver entry.
server: Use the startup info to connect the process winstation.

Santino Mazza (7):
mlang/tests: Test for GetGlobalFontLinkObject.
mlang: Implement GetGlobalFontLinkObject.
mlang/tests: Test codepages priority bug in GetStrCodepages.
mlang: Fix bug with codepage priority in GetStrCodePages.
gdiplus: Replace HDC with GpGraphics in parameters.
gdiplus/tests: Add interactive test for font linking.
gdiplus: Implement font linking for gdiplus.

Shaun Ren (15):
sapi: Implement ISpeechObjectToken::GetDescription.
sapi: Implement ISpeechObjectToken::Invoke.
sapi: Implement ISpeechObjectToken::GetIDsOfNames.
sapi: Implement ISpeechObjectTokens::get_Count.
sapi: Implement IEnumVARIANT::Next for ISpeechObjectTokens.
sapi: Implement ISpeechObjectTokens::Invoke.
sapi: Free typelib on DLL detach.
sapi: Implement ISpeechVoice::Speak.
sapi: Handle zero-length attributes correctly in ISpObjectTokenCategory::EnumTokens.
sapi: Introduce create_token_category helper in tts.
sapi: Implement ISpeechVoice::GetVoices.
sapi: Implement ISpeechVoice::GetTypeInfoCount.
sapi: Implement ISpeechVoice::GetTypeInfo.
sapi: Implement ISpeechVoice::GetIDsOfNames.
sapi: Implement ISpeechVoice::Invoke.

Vijay Kiran Kamuju (1):
include: Add msdelta header file.

Yuxuan Shui (6):
dmband: Implement getting/setting GUID_BandParam on band tracks.
dmime/tests: Add MIDI loading test.
dmime: Parse MIDI headers.
dmime: Don't skip chunk for MIDI files.
dmime: Read through a MIDI file.
dmime/tests: Improve error reporting from expect_track.

Zebediah Figura (32):
urlmon/tests: Add basic tests for CoInternetParseUrl(PARSE_CANONICALIZE).
shlwapi/tests: Move the UrlCanonicalize() tests into test_UrlCanonicalizeA().
shlwapi/tests: Remove the unused "wszExpectUrl" variable from check_url_canonicalize().
shlwapi/tests: Use winetest_push_context() in test_UrlCanonicalizeA().
shlwapi/tests: Move UrlCombine() error tests out of the loop.
kernelbase: Do not use isalnum() with Unicode characters.
kernelbase: Do not canonicalize the relative part in UrlCombine().
kernelbase: Reimplement UrlCanonicalize().
kernelbase: Use scheme_is_opaque() in UrlIs().
shlwapi/tests: Add many more tests for UrlCanonicalize().
dinput/tests: Return void from test_winmm_joystick().
wined3d: Merge shader_load_constants() into shader_select().
wined3d: Introduce a separate vp_disable() method.
wined3d: Introduce a separate fp_disable() method.
wined3d: Pass a wined3d_state pointer to the vp_enable() and fp_enable() methods.
wined3d: Pass a non-const wined3d_context pointer to the FFP *_apply_draw_state() methods.
wined3d/arb: Move fragment program compilation from fragment_prog_arbfp() to arbfp_apply_draw_state().
wined3d: Set the pipeline key viewport and scissor count at initialization.
wined3d: Make the viewport state dynamic.
wined3d: Make the scissor state dynamic.
wined3d: Enable EXT_extended_dynamic_state.
wined3d: Use dynamic state for depth/stencil state if possible.
shell32: Remove two unused strings.
shell32: Always use IContextMenu::InvokeCommand() when selecting an item from the context menu.
shell32: Do not set the default menu item from ShellView_DoContextMenu().
shell32: Separate a get_filetype() helper.
shell32: Properly implement context menu verbs.
wined3d/arb: Move SPECULARENABLE constant loading to arbfp_apply_draw_state().
wined3d/arb: Move TEXTUREFACTOR constant loading to arbfp_apply_draw_state().
wined3d/arb: Move color key constant loading to arbfp_apply_draw_state().
wined3d/arb: Move texture constant loading to arbfp_apply_draw_state().
wined3d/arb: Move FFP bumpenv constant loading to arbfp_apply_draw_state().

Zhiyi Zhang (4):
server: Inherit internal desktop flags when creating desktops.
dsound/tests: Test that formats with more than two channels require WAVEFORMATEXTENSIBLE.
dsound: Reject WAVEFORMATEX formats with more than two channels.