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Alexandre Julliard has announced the availability of Wine 8.16, which includes vkd3d 1.9, initial window management in the Wayland driver, SoundFont support in DirectMusic, and numerous bug fixes.

Wine release 8.17

The Wine development release 8.17 is now available.

What's new in this release:
- Bundled vkd3d upgraded to version 1.9.
- Initial window management in the Wayland driver.
- SoundFont support in DirectMusic.
- Various bug fixes.


The source is available at:

Binary packages for various distributions will be available from:

You will find documentation on

You can also get the current source directly from the git
repository. Check for details.

Wine is available thanks to the work of many people. See the file
AUTHORS in the distribution for the complete list.


Bugs fixed in 8.17 (total 19):

- #34789 MeGUI: Wrong icon for file chooser
- #38823 Sumatra PDF 3.0: tabs don't work correctly
- #43137 The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion crashes after opening logo screens.
- #46483 Cemu 1.12.0 crashes on unimplemented function msvcp140.dll.?_Throw_C_error@std@@YAXH@Z
- #48969 RageMP crashes on unimplemented function msvcp140.dll.?_Throw_future_error@std@@YAXAEBVerror_code@1@@Z
- #51327 GdipCreateFont initializes font with ANSI_CHARSET
- #54588 iphlpapi:iphlpapi - test_GetExtendedTcpTable() sometimes fails because the buffer is too small in Wine
- #55001 ToneX by IK Multimedia needs unimplemented function msvcp140.dll.?_Throw_C_error@std@@YAXH@Z
- #55184 Dwarf Fortress (Steam) crashes on unimplemented function msvcp140_atomic_wait.dll.__std_acquire_shared_mutex_for_instance
- #55240 The 64-bit winmm:capture & winmm:wave get BADDEVICEID on Windows 10+
- #55486 Finale 27 printing mangled
- #55522 SoftEther VPN Server Manager
- #55529 Text in SRPG Studio games ends with a tofu/missing character glyph.
- #55587 quartz:vmr9 - test_changed3ddevice() crashes on Windows 8+
- #55592 Separable Subsurface Scattering needs 'mov' opcode support for fx_4_0 effect
- #55599 Metatrader 4 - not possible to add any indicator to a chart
- #55614 ReCore crashes on unimplemented function msvcp110.dll.?_Winerror_map@std@@YAPEBDH@Z
- #55635 mfreadwrite:mfplat - test_interfaces() crashes on Windows 7 & 8
- #55651 d3d10:effect - test_effect_fx_4_1_blend_state() fails on Windows 7+


Changes since 8.16:

Akihiro Sagawa (3):
cmd/tests: Add dir built-in command test.
cmd/tests: Test file time stamp format.
cmd: Always outputs leading zeros when listing file time information.

Alex Henrie (24):
include: Move RTL functions that belong in winnt.h from winternl.h to winnt.h.
oleaut32: Use CRT allocation functions in connpt.c.
oleaut32: Use CRT allocation functions in hash.c.
oleaut32: Use CRT allocation functions in olepicture.c.
oleaut32: Use CRT allocation functions in typelib.c.
advpack: Use CRT allocation functions.
gameux: Use CRT allocation functions.
mciwave: Use CRT allocation functions.
msvfw32: Use CRT allocation functions.
ncrypt: Use the wcsdup function instead of reimplementing it.
shell32: Use the wcsdup function instead of reimplementing it.
wshom: Use the wcsdup function instead of reimplementing it.
dsound: Use malloc and free instead of _recalloc.
conhost: Use the wcsdup function instead of reimplementing it.
dxdiag: Use CRT allocation functions.
reg: Use the wcsdup function instead of reimplementing it.
regedit: Use the wcsdup function instead or reimplementing it.
sc: Use CRT allocation functions.
wordpad: Use the wcsdup function instead of reimplementing it.
avifil32: Use CRT allocation functions.
wpcap: Use the strdup function instead of reimplementing it.
include: Move RTL functions that belong in ntddk.h from winternl.h to ntddk.h.
include: Correct conflicting definition of PSID.
include: Correct conflicting definition of PSECURITY_DESCRIPTOR.

Alexandre Julliard (26):
winebuild: Add a separate helper for .seh annotations.
winebuild: Remove unnecessary .cfi_startproc/endproc annotations.
winebuild: Add a few more SEH annotations.
winebuild: Make the syscall thunks position-independent on ARM64.
oleaut32: Add SEH annotations to ARM64 assembly code.
rpcrt4: Add SEH annotations to ARM64 assembly code.
vcomp: Add SEH annotations to ARM64 assembly code.
ntdll: Remove unneeded SEH annotations in Unix code.
kernel32/tests: Comment out one more test that can crash on Windows.
kernel32/tests: Don't make assumptions about argv[0] of the main process.
kernel32/tests: Unaligned SRW locks crash on ARM platforms.
kernel32/tests: Update dll characteristics to make the module loadable on ARM64.
vkd3d: Import upstream release 1.9.
server: Don't zero out the PE optional header regardless of specified size.
winedump: Don't zero out the PE optional header regardless of specified size.
ntdll: Consistently use the IMAGE_FIRST_SECTION helper macro.
dbghelp: Consistently use the IMAGE_FIRST_SECTION helper macro.
imagehlp: Use the IMAGE_FIRST_SECTION helper macro.
krnl386: Use the IMAGE_FIRST_SECTION helper macro.
widl: Use the IMAGE_FIRST_SECTION helper macro.
kernel32/tests: Fix loader tests on Windows ARM64.
winebuild: Set ASLR-related dll flags by default.
server: Require ASLR support on non-x86 platforms.
ntdll: Release the low address space reservation for 64-bit apps.
ntdll: Don't release the low address space reservation on wow64.
ntdll: Don't free reserved memory on 64-bit macOS.

Alexandros Frantzis (7):
winewayland.drv: Remove wayland_surface destruction double locking.
winewayland.drv: Handle xdg_toplevel close event.
winewayland.drv: Handle xdg_toplevel configure event size hint.
winewayland.drv: Handle xdg_toplevel maximized state.
winewayland.drv: Handle client-initiated user-driven window move.
winewayland.drv: Handle client-initiated user-driven window resize.
winewayland.drv: Fix removal of wl_seat globals.

Alistair Leslie-Hughes (9):
mfreadwrite/reader: Update to IMFSourceReaderEx.
d3drm: Correctly query for the returned interface.
msado15: Recordset::Open - Correctly update count/index values.
mfreadwrite/tests: Move test_interfaces after test_factory.
msado15: _Recordset::Filter set index on value.
d3dx9: Trace pointer value in D3DXValidMesh().
msado15: Implement _Recordset::get_ActiveConnection.
msado15: _Recordset::Open store active connection parameter.
msado15: Update editMode in AddNew/Cancel/Update functions.

Ally Sommers (2):
server: Return WSAEOPNOTSUPP on listen() if the socket's type is SOCK_DGRAM.
ws2_32/tests: Add more tests for SO_REUSEADDR.

Andrew Brobston (1):
d2d1: Support GUID_WICPixelFormat32bppRGB.

Bartosz Kosiorek (1):
gdiplus/tests: Add tests of InterpolationMode Bilinear for GdipDrawImagePointsRect.

Biswapriyo Nath (19):
include: Add ID3D12VideoDecoder in d3d12video.idl.
include: Add ID3D12VideoDevice in d3d12video.idl.
include: Add ID3D12VideoDecoderHeap in d3d12video.idl.
include: Add ID3D12VideoDecodeCommandList in d3d12video.idl.
include: Add video decode profile guids in d3d12video.idl.
include: Add D3D12_FEATURE_DATA_VIDEO_DECODE_SUPPORT in d3d12video.idl.
include: Add ID3D12VideoDevice1 in d3d12video.idl.
include: Add ID3D12VideoExtensionCommand in d3d12video.idl.
include: Add ID3D12VideoDevice2 in d3d12video.idl.
include: Add ID3D12VideoEncoder in d3d12video.idl.
include: Add ID3D12VideoEncoderHeap in d3d12video.idl.
include: Add ID3D12VideoDevice3 in d3d12video.idl.
include: Add ID3D12VideoMotionEstimator in d3d12video.idl.
include: Add ID3D12VideoMotionVectorHeap in d3d12video.idl.
include: Add ID3D12VideoEncodeCommandList in d3d12video.idl.
include: Add ID3D12VideoDecodeCommandList1 in d3d12video.idl.
include: Add ID3D12VideoEncodeCommandList1 in d3d12video.idl.
include: Add ID3D12VideoEncodeCommandList2 in d3d12video.idl.
include: Add some structures in d3d12video.idl.

Brendan Shanks (3):
winecoreaudio: Stop using the deprecated kAudioObjectPropertyElementMaster constant.
winecoreaudio: Use os_unfair_lock when available instead of OSSpinLock.
msv1_0: Implement ntlm_fork() using posix_spawn().

Connor McAdams (21):
uiautomationcore: Add UiaHasServerSideProvider stub.
uiautomationcore: Add a common helper function for creating HUIANODEs.
uiautomationcore: Implement UiaHasServerSideProvider.
include: Add missing WinEvent definitions.
uiautomationcore/tests: Add method expect definitions for all Accessible test interfaces.
uiautomationcore/tests: Add support for debug printing Accessible method calls.
uiautomationcore/tests: Add support for debug printing Provider method calls.
uiautomationcore: Add stub IRawElementProviderFragmentRoot implementation for MSAA providers.
uiautomationcore: Add a common helper function for querying IServiceProvider on IAccessible interfaces.
uiautomationcore: Implement IRawElementProviderFragment::get_FragmentRoot for MSAA providers.
uiautomationcore: Don't return oleacc proxy IAccessibles from GetIAccessible for MSAA providers.
uiautomationcore/tests: Increase wait timeout for cross-process event with navigation.
uiautomationcore: Pass through failure HRESULTS on MSAA accState based property IDs for MSAA providers.
uiautomationcore: Implement IRawElementProviderFragmentRoot::GetFocus for MSAA providers.
uiautomationcore: Add stub IProxyProviderWinEventHandler implementation for MSAA providers.
uiautomationcore: Handle EVENT_SYSTEM_ALERT in IProxyProviderWinEventHandler::RespondToWinEvent() for MSAA providers.
uiautomationcore/tests: Add tests for IProxyProviderWinEventHandler based MSAA to UIA event bridging.
uiautomationcore: Check providers for an IProxyProviderWinEventHandler interface when attaching events.
uiautomationcore: Add WinEvent hook on the UIA event thread.
uiautomationcore: Track HWNDs that need WinEvent translation.
uiautomationcore: Make sure event thread is started when listening for WinEvents.

Eric Pouech (3):
dbghelp: Check that dwarf unwinder did actually unwind.
ntdll: Allow empty application nodes in actctx.
winedump: Improve dumping DEBUG directory entries in PE images.

Esme Povirk (4):
user32/tests: Account for some messages from dual-monitor setups.
user32/tests: Fix WM_WINDOWPOSCHANGED entries.
user32/tests: Use a child window for test_PeekMessage3.
user32/tests: Use open_clipboard helper in msg tests.

François Gouget (1):
tests: Update the documentation.

Gabriel Ivăncescu (22):
mshtml: Move some Element methods around.
mshtml: Move some AnchorElement methods up.
mshtml: Move some AreaElement methods up.
mshtml: Move some FormElement methods up.
mshtml: Move some FrameElement methods down.
mshtml: Move some IFrame methods down.
mshtml: Move some ObjectElement methods up.
mshtml: Move some SelectElement methods up.
mshtml: Move node vtbl QI methods around.
mshtml: Move node vtbl destructor methods down.
mshtml: Get rid of useless element destructors.
mshtml: Use specific dispex vtbls for remaining HTML elements.
mshtml: Use specific dispex for each SVG element.
mshtml: Use the dispex's query_interface for DocumentType nodes.
mshtml: Use the dispex's query_interface for Document nodes and fragments.
mshtml: Use the dispex's query_interface for DOMTextNodes.
mshtml: Use the dispex's query_interface for the remaining nodes.
mshtml: Use the dispex's destructor for all nodes.
mshtml: Use the dispex's get_dispid for all nodes.
mshtml: Use the dispex's get_name for all nodes.
mshtml: Use the dispex's invoke for all nodes.
mshtml: Use the event_target vtbl's handle_event for all nodes.

Hans Leidekker (6):
winmm/tests: Avoid truncating the handle passed to waveInGetDevCapsW().
wbemprox: Get Win32_OperatingSystem.BuildType from the registry.
wbemprox: Fix Win32_OperatingSystem.TotalVirtual/VisibleMemorySize.
wbemprox: Implement Win32_OperatingSystem.InstallDate.
systeminfo: Add an implementation on top of WMI.
secur32: Only return success from initialize_package() when initialization fully succeeds.

Henri Verbeet (2):
wined3d: Don't validate the frontbuffer's DRAWABLE location in wined3d_swapchain_resize_buffers() when NO3D is set.
d3d11/tests: Properly mark the indexed sample position test as succeeding with the Vulkan backend.

Huw D. M. Davies (1):
gdiplus: Copy the compound array in GdipClonePen().

Jacek Caban (4):
mshtml: Remove unused functions.
include: Support ARM64EC target in intrin.h.
include: Move __getReg intrinsic to intrin.h.
include: Support ARM64EC target in winnt.h.

Jactry Zeng (5):
msi: Use CreateFileW() for handling path from cabinet_open() instead.
cabinet/tests: Initialize CURR_DIR globally.
msxml3: Store ValidateOnParse property in domdoc_properties instead.
msxml3: Add ValidateOnParse support for IXMLDOMDocument3_{get,set}Property().
msxml3/tests: Add tests of ValidateOnParse property.

Jeff Smith (2):
gdiplus/tests: Test GdipCreateFont character set initialization.
gdiplus: Fix GdipCreateFont character set initialization.

Jinoh Kang (1):
wbemprox: Fix out-of-bounds access caused by codepoints above U+00FF.

Joel Holdsworth (6):
include: Add flags to FILE_RENAME_INFORMATION used by FileRenameInformationEx.
ntdll/tests: Test both FileRenameInformation and FileRenameInformationEx in test_file_rename_information.
include: Add flags to FILE_LINK_INFORMATION used by FileLinkInformationEx.
ntdll/tests: Test both FileLinkInformation and FileLinkInformationEx in test_file_link_information.
ntdll/tests: Skip FileRenameInformationEx tests on older Windows versions.
ntdll/tests: Skip FileLinkInformationEx tests on older Windows versions.

Martin Storsjö (2):
include: Update the d3d12 headers from vkd3d.
include: Update the d3d12 header from vkd3d.

Mohamad Al-Jaf (7):
windows.applicationmodel: Add IPackageStatics stub interface.
windows.applicationmodel: Implement IPackageStatics::get_Current().
windows.applicationmodel: Implement IPackage::get_InstalledLocation().
windows.applicationmodel: Add IStorageItem stub interface.
windows.applicationmodel/tests: Add IStorageItem::get_Path() tests.
windows.applicationmodel: Implement IStorageItem::get_Path().
windows.applicationmodel/tests: Use PathRemoveFileSpecW() instead of PathCchRemoveFileSpec().

Nikolay Sivov (6):
d3d10/effect: Implement 'mov' opcode for expressions.
d3d10/effect: Implement instructions used for signed integer division.
d3d10/effect: Add signed integer compare instructions for expressions.
d3d10/tests: Add some tests for D3D10.1 blend state in effects.
d3dcompiler: Add support for matrix majority compiler flags.
d3d10/tests: Test for correct return value.

Paul Gofman (7):
mf/tests: Add tests for AAC decoder with different input number of channels.
winegstreamer: Handle missing or zero channel count in _GetOutputAvailableType in AAC decoder.
winegstreamer: Correct output available types attrs in AAC decoder for channel count > 2.
winegstreamer: Validate maximum channel count in _SetInputType in AAC decoder.
winegstreamer: Also return output with 2 channels for multichannel inputs from AAC decoder.
shell32: Avoid stack corruption with long name in SHELL_TryAppPathW().
shell32: Handle long command line in execute_from_key().

Piotr Caban (7):
msvcp110: Add _Winerror_map implementation.
msvcr110: Simplify _StructuredTaskCollection finished task counter updating.
msvcr110: Use Context blocking functions in _StructuredTaskCollection class.
msvcp140_atomic_wait: Add __std_acquire_shared_mutex_for_instance implementation.
wineps.drv: Remove unused hmtx_tab field from TYPE42 structure.
wineps.drv: Don't crash if specified font is missing required table in T42_download_header.
msvcp90: Silence FIXME in _Locinfo::_Locinfo_ctor and _Locinfo::_Locinfo_Addcats functions.

Rémi Bernon (74):
dmusic: Avoid swallowing collection Load failures.
dmusic: Rewrite downloading instrument to port.
dmusic: Parse collection wave table.
dmusic: Parse collection wave lists.
dmusic: Keep an internal ref on the instrument's collection.
dmusic: Implement downloading wave to port.
dmusic: Parse instrument regions articulation lists.
dmusic: Implement instrument articulation downloads.
dmime/tests: Test that SendPMsg also converts reference time.
dmime: Convert DMUS_PMSG music and reference times in SendPMsg.
dmime: Get rid of the DMUS_PMSGItem typedef.
dmime: Use a struct list to keep performance messages.
dmime: Remove unnecessary struct message members.
dmime: Rename DMUS_PMSGToItem to message_from_DMUS_PMSG.
dmime: Pass the DMUS_PMSG through the performance graph.
dmband: Rename IDirectMusicBandImpl prefix to band.
dmband: Get rid of the IDirectMusicBandImpl typedef.
dmband: Get rid of the IDirectMusicBandTrack typedef.
dmband: Avoid leaking bands on band track Release.
dmband: Avoid leaking collection on band release.
dmband: Rewrite band lbin list parsing.
dmband: Rewrite band lbil list parsing.
dmband: Rewrite band dmbd chunk parsing.
dmband: Rewrite band IPersistStream_Load.
dmime: Rename IDirectMusicSegment8Impl method prefix to segment.
dmime: Use one-liners for segment parameter checks.
dmime: Get rid of the IDirectMusicSegmentImpl typedef.
dmime: Avoid leaking tracks in IDirectMusicSegment_Release.
dmime: Rewrite segment IDirectMusicSegment_GetTrack.
dmime: Rewrite segment IDirectMusicSegment_GetTrackGroup.
dmime: Rewrite segment IDirectMusicSegment_InsertTrack.
dmime: Rewrite segment IDirectMusicSegment_RemoveTrack.
dmime: Use segment_append_track in Clone and parse_track_form.
dmime/tests: Add some DMUS_NOTIFICATION_PMSG tests.
dmime/tests: Test wave segments and DMUS_WAVE_PMSG.
dmime/tests: Test sequence track and DMUS_NOTE_PMSG.
dmime/tests: Test band track and DMUS_PATCH_PMSG.
dmusic/tests: Fixup chunk alignment in steam_end_chunk.
dmusic: Keep the original instrument patch in the entry.
dmband: Rewrite band track lbdl/lbnd lists parsing.
dmband: Rewrite band track DBMT chunk parsing.
dmband: Rewrite band track IPersistStream_Load.
dmime: Get rid of the IDirectMusicSeqTrack typedef.
dmime: Implement DirectMusicSeqTrack IPersistStream_Load.
dmloader: Rename IDirectMusicLoaderImpl method prefix to loader.
dmloader: Get rid of the IDirectMusicLoaderImpl typedef.
dmloader: Initialize ref to 1, and release after QueryInterface.
dmloader: Introduce a new loader_stream_create helper.
dmloader: Get rid of the custom generic stream wrapper.
dmime/tests: Remove some duplicated tests.
dmime/tests: Move performance tests into dmime.c.
dmime/tests: Test performance Init with a created port.
dmime: Set the port direct sound before activating it.
dmime: Initialize performance in Init rather than InitAudio.
dmime: Return DMUS_E_AUDIOPATHS_IN_USE when audio paths are in use.
dmime: Return DMUS_E_AUDIOPATH_INACTIVE when audio paths are not enabled.
dmloader: Use a simpler file stream implementation.
dmusic/tests: Test default gm.dls sound font instruments.
dmloader: Remove invalid default DLS collection check.
dmloader: Add fallbacks if the configured GMFilePath doesn't exist.
dmusic: Avoid leaking articulations when freeing regions.
dmusic: Avoid crashing in traces if wave doesn't have a WSMPL.
dmusic: Implement SoundFont2 collection parsing.
dmusic: Implement SoundFont2 wave sample parsing.
dmusic: Implement SoundFont2 instrument parsing.
dmime/tests: Add some tests for GUID_ConnectToDLSCollection.
dmime/tests: Test segment state and playing a custom track.
dmime: Implement IDirectMusicSegment_SetParam.
dmband: Implement band track GUID_ConnectToDLSCollection parameter.
dmime: Implement IDirectMusicSegment_(Download|Unload).
dmband: Implement IDirectMusicBand_(Download|Unload).
dmband: Implement band track GUID_UnloadFromAudioPath parameter.
dmband: Implement band track GUID_DownloadToAudioPath parameter.
dmime: Implement IDirectMusicPerformance_DownloadInstrument.

Yuxuan Shui (4):
gdi32: Make GetStockObject hotpatchable.
user32: Make CallWindowProcA hotpatchable.
user32: Add hotpatchable wrapper for GetWindowLongA.
rtworkq: Fix leak of thread pool work items.

Zebediah Figura (5):
wined3d: Pass a wined3d_stateblock_state to wined3d_device_validate_device().
d3d10core/tests: Test performing a full clear after a draw.
wined3d: Remove invalid parameter checks from internal wined3d_device_set_*() functions.
wined3d: Make wined3d_stateblock_state_{init,cleanup}() static.
wined3d: Move struct wined3d_stateblock into stateblock.c.

Zhiyi Zhang (2):
user32/tests: Fix test failures in Hindi UTF-8 and mixed locales.
user32: Enable IsDialogMessageA() ASCII to Unicode mapping only when the user default lang ID is CJK.