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The Wine maintenance release 1.4.1 is now available

What's new in this release (see below for details):
- Translation updates.
- Various bug fixes.

The source is available from the following locations:

Binary packages for various distributions will be available from:

You will find documentation on

You can also get the current source directly from the git
repository. Check for details.

Wine is available thanks to the work of many people. See the file
AUTHORS in the distribution for the complete list.


Bugs fixed in 1.4.1 (total 69):

12694 Air Rival Crashes after login
13082 Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5 fails to start
15582 Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 Installer crash if you reject the license
18231 Adobe Acrobat 7, 8 installers fail due to spooler service being disabled by default
18776 VBALink: GBC roms open at an incorrect resolution
22060 regedit crashes when a long length key is renamed or deleted
22456 Wrong caching with INI functions
24108 error in Visual Basic Editor
24551 Cannot install Windows Server 2003 Administration Tools Pack
25261 AutoCAD 2009 LT: Running AcDelTree.exe crashes
25777 TurningPointAnyWhere24.exe fails to run (needs "HKCU\\Control Panel\\Mouse" registry key present)
25861 POPO 2011 exits silently
26989 Playchess, games tab is not drawn
26990 Playchess, pieces are not shown correctly
27192 Regedit - import failure if reg-file contains ';'
27560 Runaway 3 "A Twist of Fate" fails to recognize media on Wine 64Bits (WoW64-aware SecuROM 7.x tries to disable registry redirection/missing advapi32.dll RegDisableReflectionKey)
27633 Missing StrToInt64Ex in SHLWAPI.DLL
27690 Just Cause crashes on first level load (texture resolution 'high')
27808 Celtic Kings crashes on launch (audio related)
27970 cmd's attrib command doesn't accept multiple attributes
28274 Multiple 64-bit applications crash due to unimplemented function kernel32.dll.__chkstk (IE8, Debugging Tools for Windows)
28401 .NET Framework 3.0 installation interrupted prematurely
28799 d3dx9_36/tests/mesh.ok: memcpy source and destination overlap in weld_float16_2() triggered by test_weld_vertices()
28898 Blizzard Launcher/Installer needs AcceptEx improvements (Affects WoW, D3...)
28962 Mount & Blade: WFAS texture quality slider isn't moving
28999 Weatherbug fails to detect vbscript
29031 Game borderlands does not start
29099 LabView 2011 demo crashes on start (PathRemoveExtensionA/W unconditionally tries to null terminate string)
29717 IE4 setup wants inetcpl.cpl.DllInstall
29721 makecert from Windows Platform SDK 7.1 crashes due to unimplemented function mssign32.dll.PvkGetCryptProv
29793 POPO 2011 display in wrong color with builtin msvcr71
29859 Renegade X fails to install with Mono 2.10 (works with .NET Framework 4.0 prerequisite)
29891 Symantec VIP Access can not be activated
29894 LibreOffice: sdraw.exe runs out of GDI object handles and crashes on a particular VSD file
29956 Unable to create an empty Jet database file.
29984 Legend of Grimrock (test) crashes with "Device can't render to D3DFMT_G16R16"
30000 iw4mp (Call of Duty MW2 mod) loader crashes because some kernel32.dll API entries are not hotpatchable (DECLSPEC_HOTPATCH missing)
30001 iw4mp (Call of Duty MW2 mod) loader crashes due to iphlpapi.dll GetAdaptersAddresses not hotpatchable (DECLSPEC_HOTPATCH missing)
30005 Acrobat 8: installer action text for INSTALLMESSAGE_ACTIONDATA is not deformated
30012 MS Project 2010 crashes at shutdown
30112 Ice Age 2 demo crashes
30115 Perfect World: Skills and items icons messed up
30213 Screen obscured by black box when game changes resolution, using xfwm/icewm
30243 RaiderZ needs msvcr90.dll._byteswap_ulong
30284 Mathematica 6.0 installer fails, reports error 0x80020006 (missing support for IShellDispatch2::IsServiceRunning)
30303 iexplore crashes
30326 Strong Bad's Cool Game launcher crashes on the first keypress
30327 builtin iexplore crash on
30332 winedbg reports "Size mismatch in memory_write_value, got 8 from type while expecting 4" when trying to modify 64 bit register values
30337 You can't try examples in iexplore anymore
30418 regedit crash on export some binary values
30424 Regression: Framemaker 6.0 only prints blank pages
30430 Iexplore crashes
30531 Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Express 2005: OLEPicture fails to set hotspot coordinates for hand cursor
30536 Avanquest PDF Experte Ultimate 7.0.x installer crashes with stack overflow (hot patching issue)
30543 Multiple apps crash/terminate because K32GetModuleFileNameExW overflows supplied buffer
30574 Installation of MS Office 2010, some service doesn't start
30604 Ultra Fractal 5 hangs when selecting an item in the file browser
30607 The Stalin Subway 2 (Red Veil) crashes on game start
30614 Builtin richedit extremely slow at appending text when window is hidden
30626 Abbyy fine reader 11 needs rpcrt4.dll.RpcServerInqDefaultPrincNameW
30653 Deleting text from richedit controls extremely slow
30691 excessive operator '&' in GetThemeSysFont(); can probably lead to segfault
30705 usb joystick not working with virtuanes
30719 SmartFTP 4.0 crashes on startup (crypt32 CertCreateSelfSignCertificate failure)
  Wine 1.4.1 released