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Ease of Installation, better Compatibility and integrated Performance enhancements featured

AUSTIN, TX -- Win4Lin, the leader in Windows-on-Linux virtualization solutions, unveiled today Win4Lin Pro 2.0, a major upgrade to their flagship product. Win4Lin Pro Version 2.0 includes major enhancements for ease of installation, compatibility with virtually all Windows XP/2000 business applications and improved performance.

Other Version 2.0 enhancements include optimized support for 16-bit code and support for 64-bit processors.

Since Win4Lin Pro leverages the Open Source QEMU architecture, this release of the Win4Lin product integrates KQEMU, the QEMU accelerator by automatically installing and configuring the module during Win4Lin Pro installation.

Win4Lin Pro was chosen the winner of the Excellence award for Best Integration Product at the recent LinuxWorld Expo in San Francisco.

Using Win4Lin’s high performance Virtual Computing Environment (VCE), Win4Lin Pro runs Windows 2000 or Windows XP applications and operating systems with no change necessary to the host operating system (e.g. no need to patch the Linux kernel). Win4Lin Pro runs as a Linux process, sharing the Linux memory and file system without yielding control to the Windows guest operating system. Win4Lin Pro runs Windows applications as intended in real Windows.

Win4Lin products enable users of all sizes – from individuals and small and medium organizations to large enterprises - to more easily embrace the cost, reliability and security advantages of an end-to-end Linux infrastructure, without having to give up, port or re-write viable legacy Windows applications. Win4Lin provides the most compelling solution for bridging the compatibility gap between Windows and Linux.

“This release is part of our continuing commitment to our users and the Linux community to help bridge the application gap between Windows and Linux, offering users the ability to take back control of their desktop infrastructure by creating a viable alternative to the Microsoft dominated situation of today.” Said Jim Curtin, President and CEO of Win4Lin. “By allowing Windows and Linux to coexist on a Linux footprint, users can uproot Windows as a control point. More Linux users means less risk for native application developers to move in, and it creates a virtuous cycle of swinging the pendulum back to user control of their end user computing deployment models.”

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Pricing and Availability

Win4Lin Pro 2.0 is available for new users for $89.99. Existing users of Win4Lin Pro can download Version 2.0 at no charge.

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Existing users of Win4Lin Pro, please visit to download version 2.0.

Win4Lin Product Family

Other products in the Win4Lin family include Win4Lin 9X™, Win4Lin Terminal Server™ and Win4Lin™ Home. Win4Lin 9X (formerly Win4Lin 5) provides migration support for enterprise users moving from Windows to Linux by allowing the execution of applications that cannot be ported to Linux (i.e. missing source code, too expensive) with full support for networked environments. Win4Lin Home is a lightweight version of Win4Lin 9X that provides the home business user with the ability to run needed Windows applications (like Quicken® and TurboTax®) on Linux. Win4Lin Terminal Server is the company’s enterprise solution for delivering Windows applications on thin clients via a Linux server.

About Win4Lin

Win4Lin is the leader in technology for creating Windows-on-Linux virtualization solutions. With Win4Lin Virtual Computing Environment (VCE), the company supplies Fortune 500 enterprises, educational institutions and desktop users with solutions that allow them to run the Windows operating system and Windows applications on Linux in true Windows sessions.

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