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AUSTIN, TX AND SPOKANE, WA – Win4Lin, a supplier of enterprise Windows-on-Linux virtualization solutions and SafeDesk Solutions, a provider of Linux based thin-client solutions announced today a strategic relationship with joint product and marketing initiatives.

Combining core products from SafeDesk Solutions and Win4Lin provide an outstanding way for users to take advantage of thin-client environments and Linux infrastructure but continue to run mission-critical legacy Windows applications. The two companies will offer combined product bundles.

SafeDesk Solutions core product SafeDesk Enterprise Server 2.0 provides extensive support for customers who want the benefits of Linux Terminal Services but still need to run native Microsoft applications. The SafeDesk Enterprise 2.0 integrated management tools are designed to enable quick integration within both Linux and Non-Linux infrastructures as well as with other thin-client systems and protocols.

Win4Lin Desktop Solutions allow organizations and individuals to complete their migration from Windows to Linux by allowing critical legacy Windows applications to continue to run using the Win4Lin Windows-on-Linux virtual computing environment (VCE).

Win4Lin products are aimed at enabling users of all sizes – from individuals and small and medium organizations to large enterprises - to more easily embrace the cost, reliability and security advantages of an end-to-end Linux infrastructure, without having to give up, port or re-write viable legacy Windows applications.

“Win4Lin provides an excellent way for customers to overcome the Windows compatibility issues that have long plagued the Linux desktop. We are excited about the opportunity to bundle their technology as part of the complete SafeDesk package,” said Phil Autrey, President of SafeDesk Solutions.

“SafeDesk is an ideal partner for Win4Lin as they are committed to helping to drive costs lower through the power of Linux and thin client technology,” said Jim Curtin, President and CEO of Win4Lin. “Co-existence between Windows and Linux is an essential step in the evolution towards more cost-effective, yet practical customer-driven user solutions.”

About SafeDesk Solutions

SafeDesk Solutions provides commercial development and integration support for Linux Terminal Services. This allows organizations with limited resources or expertise to deploy and integrate a Linux Terminal Service network and benefit from the values of both Linux and Thin-Client computing.

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About Win4Lin

Win4Lin is a leader in technology for creating Windows-on-Linux virtualization solutions. With Win4Lin Virtual Computing Environment (VCE), the company supplies Fortune 500 enterprises, educational institutions and desktop users with solutions that allow them to run the Windows operating system and Windows applications on Linux in true Windows sessions.

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